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Updated 2020-02-14
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  • Prawns
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    Kinkynoodle 2020-02-14

    Had a smoked kipper that I took home to cook for my breakfast. Got some great advice and chat from the guy behind the counter. It was delicious. Will definitely get some more.

  • Logo
    tommillerjones 2020-01-16

    Useful source of smoked fish (“at least one hundred characters”) 1234567890 is this enough? Apparently not!

  • Logo
    maritak60 2020-01-16

    The cold smoked salmon is just amazing!!!! We are spending a well in Aldeburgh and having read the reviews had to stop off and try it for ourselves. Good job we tried early on in our holiday as we have been a couple of times now and will definitely visit a few more times before heading home. The tarts are nice and the large prawns are delicious and all the fish we have tried so far is great BUT the cold smoked salmon is just wonderful. It appears to be quite oily but it is so soft, buttery, tasty and just yummy. Sorry my mouth is watering just thinking about it. The lovely lady who’s been working so fa every day is very friendly and slices the salmon just right. I did look in one of the other nearby huts, that also sells smoked fish, but didn’t look anywhere near as appealing as this one.

  • Logo
    MMK3 2020-01-11

    Just the best smoked fish and seafood you will find anywhere. Not to be missed if you want top quality fish and they're right in the centre, on the beach near the Moot Hall

  • Logo
    Road419369 2020-01-05

    The ASF is always our first stop when visiting this beautiful seaside town. The food is excellent and to die for. Today we ordered various articles including the Noon tart(👍👍👍👍👍👍), then we feasted outside with our bottle of wine (purchased from the cooperative) (we also bought our own glasses and covers). Great friendly family run establishment. Thank you again. See you in March Sir John Wall & Rosie

  • Logo
    Lesley S 2020-01-05

    Another family favourite . They smoke the fish on site . Once you have tried the smoked salmon from here you will never buy the rubbery stuff from the supermarkets again . Huge variety .

  • Logo
    Jonathanhb 2019-12-30

    Was looking for a restaurant not a fish shop which sells a bit of food as a deli. If you are looking for a place to buy fish and take home then this is the place. If you are looking for a restaurant then this is not for you. Needs re-listing as a shop / deli, not a proper restaurant.

  • Logo
    cordy1109 2019-12-03

    We had read the reviews for this place and scouted it out the day before we purchased. They had a sample of their Noon pie available, which was delicious, so we went back the next day and purchased a pie and some pate. Tasty, gorgeous food. We’ll be back!

  • Logo
    Lesley S 2019-12-01

    Since buying from here my family won't eat smoked salmon from anywhere else . Melts in the mouth . Smoked tuna , eel ,prawns etc .Everything smoked on the premises by Duncan and his team . Very tasty home made tarts always a family favourite .

  • Logo
    karhod21 2019-11-01

    We stopped off at Ash Smoked Fishes after enjoying a walk along the Aldeburgh beach front and we were not disappointed. They have a great selection of seafood on offer, including tasting trays and the smoked mackerel was the best ever. I would definitely recommend if you are ever in the area, quality product, reasonably priced with a great vista!

  • Logo
    John M 2019-10-24

    I love this place and whenever visiting, I buy fish to take home. Never been disappointed. It has a good range of smoked fish and the kippers are the best I have ever tastedf

  • Logo
    Chris B 2019-10-16

    Came here and brought dinner. Brought different things to create a grazing board. Excellent smoked mackerel, good filo seafood tart and smoked herring pate. Friendly service, also outside seating available, and take your own wine.

  • Logo
    Woodsett1 2019-10-15

    Visited Aldeburgh & decided to try some of the delicacies being advertised on the outside of the fish shack. So glad we did - great service and some fantastic fishy treats👍

  • Logo
    KAW998 2019-10-15

    Loved this place. We had the smoked fish tasting platter and their gorgeous pies. It was great fun to sit watching the sea and having a mini ( and very different) picnic. Great friendly service too. Highly recommended.

  • Logo
    Sarahk1986 2019-10-10

    The perfect way to try local fish. We bought a sample tray which had several different varieties of smoked fish, as well as prawns and cockles. All really tasty and good value. Went back the next day for more!

  • Logo
    farmerswife09 2019-09-22

    I bought some smoked haddock to take home. It was wonderful just a nice amount of smokiness. It was even skinned. I so wish I had purchased more

  • Logo
    Janice H 2019-09-16

    The food at this small place is absolutely fabulous . It is so fresh and tastes of the sea. Great choice and really lovely

  • Logo
    pennyk299 2019-09-04

    Bought crabs and prawns here for a light lunch in the cottage we are staying in, fresh and tasty, I am going back today to get the same

  • Logo
    Ziggyf 2019-08-14

    I have now had two taster lunches sitting at the table outside of their huts. The smoked fish is excellent and we have now bought some to bring home for supper.

  • Logo
    WscrTgb9 2019-08-12

    It’s amazing it’s wonderful the fish they sell is lovely. Well worth every penny. I thoroughly recommend this brilliant place.

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