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Burger Brothers
91/100 (6364 ratings)
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Veggie Burger
"It’s a small shop, host staff was polite and friendly. Had a veggie burger - single. If needed halloumi and jalapeños is charged extra. Total was..."
Preetam Potdar
"THE BEST BURGER I HAVE EVER HAD. If you’re anywhere in the UK, you have to make sure to try Burger Brothers, they really set standards high. I had..."
"Burger Brother...I found this place as I was reading though blog mentioning about best burgers in the town (Brighton). Apparently this place was..."
Rushikesh Kamble
"Burgers are delicious! However it is a very small place and dine in options can maximum accommodate 3-4 people. The burgers are juicy and amazingly..."
Tanushree Mukherjee
"The best burger you will ever taste 😃 No frills and no fuss, just the most amazingly constructed burger with the best fillings under a toasted bun..."
Kieran Fitsall
"Chahir Maizi - In the know - Phenomenal burgers, fries, and onion rings. We all enjoyed our food and the atmosphere was perfect. It is located in a..."
Chahir M.
"Burger Brothers is in a tiny room with some bar stools along the wall. The color is green and on the walls there are diplomas and awards, named as..."
Jostein G.
"Most of the burger places in the UK end up being disappointing. But then there's this tiny burger heaven and it's Benetton Burger. Oh man, this..."
Daniel Z.
"Biggest and maybe the best burgers we've ever had. Absolutely loaded!! If we'd known they'd be so huge we'd have got singles, but it was delicious..."
Hannah M.
"One of the 2 or 3 best burgers I've had! Dinky place. Most came in for take out. We sat and ate. Everyone was pleasant. Burgers came out promptly and..."
Rob L.
"Oh my god. One of the best burger places I've ever been to. I had the classic for lunch, then "our favorite" for dinner. I say: go for the..."
Andre B.
"When my boyfriend told me this was the best burger he has had I was kinda skeptical because he doesn't even eat burgers that much. I went there and..."
Rachel T.
"I was after a nice dinner out at a restaurant and when my friend had suggested getting a burger I was less than impressed with this option. How..."
Elysia G.
"I had my first experience of Burger Brothers a couple of weeks ago - and I definitely know now why folk rave about it. It doesn't look like much..."
Mike P.
"Wow. Just WOW. Seriously, this place makes the BEST burgers in the planet. I am really, really happy I could come and enjoy them. As a big fan of..."
Teresa G.
"Very tasty burgers - the Kimchi burger was my favorite! I also loved my cocktail - flaming passion fruits? Yes please! We went there on a Tuesday..."
Michelle M.
"BURGER BROTHERRRRRSSS!!!! This place is right on my door step, I've always walked past and seen how busy it is and thought I'll try one, one day...."
Ben J.
"Ordered The Favorite and it was very nice and juicy. The meat was thick and the peppers made it taste unique. But my favorite part was the melted..."
Daniel H.
"My search for Brighton's best burger took me here. A great little independent place that cooks up some proper tasty burgers. It's only down fall is..."
Brett M.
"I'd never been here before despite living in Brighton for 2 years and I'm definitely kicking myself now! It took me about that long to find out they..."
Aisling B.
"These are the best burgers I've ever had. Once you've had a burger from Burger Brothers, you stop eating burgers elsewhere to save yourself from..."
Scott C.
"Everyone told me that Burger Brothers serve the best burgers in Brighton and for some reason I didn't believe them because I'm Northern and Almost..."
Madeleine L.
"Ahhhhh boner inducing burger heaven. These guys just nail it for me. I'm a bit of a burger addict and have been on a quest since trying my first BB..."
Ben H.
"The staff were charismatic and friendly. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming. Finally, the burger was incredible! The great use of sauces and..."
Jason Wood
"Believe the hype! This is an amazing burger place and well worth a trip. There is limited space to sit inside, so be prepared to takeaway. You..."
Tim Shutler
"Believe the hype about this little place, the burgers are SERIOUSLY good. Strongly recommended. Been many times and the burgers are always..."
Zargon the Magnificent
"Maybe the best burger I have ever had! Great food, great experience! The lad behind the counter was a class act and the place even sells IRN-BRU..."
Joshua Goring
"Definitely top 3 if not best burger I have ever had. So juicy and great quality beef. Go for the ‘favourite’ and add chorizo to compliment the..."
Charlee Ariana
"I had the Bennetton double, it was probably the best burger I've ever had. Great place, good service, no pretensions just the best burgers you're..."
Clive Adams
"Absolutely delicious and the staff are wonderful! Don’t debate where to have lunch.... you’ve found the place..."
Olivia Ward
"The best in Brighton? Yep, without a doubt. You can skip the fries if you like and just double up that..."
Rafee Shahin