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57 Bold Street
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Peter A.
I'm a little biased when I say that Liverpool is the greatest city on earth, but I don't care so I'll say it. Liverpool is the greatest city on earth. I've been away from it as a permanent resident for almost 20 years, but whenever I go back I feel like I've never left. If that sounds too much like a cliche then tough I'm not apologising for it. The Victorian streets, the imposing townhouses, the gothic architecture and the lively atmosphere that fills every nook and cranny of this marvellous city I just can't get enough of it when I'm there. As with most large cities there is a generous helping of world cuisines on offer for you to chow down on pretty much 24/7? On my recent visit I wandered up Bold Street. A collection of bohemian shops, restaurants and bars it sits right in the centre of the city. With the bombed out church at the top, don't ask me what it's called because I haven't the faintest idea. And the busy main shopping area at the bottom. In between is where the chaos ensues. Students scurrying around looking for that all important student discount sign in every shop window trying to grab a bargain, businessmen rushing out of the railway station dashing for a cab trying ever so desperately not to spill that rancid over priced Starbucks down their cheap pin striped suits. And then there's the day dreamers. The wanderers who meander from one side of the street or the other, peering through the polished windows of desperate vendors vying for their hard earned cash. Amongst all this delightful madness is a plethora of eating establishments. Italian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, Nepalese, Thai, Mexican and even French. Oh and of course not forgetting the vegans!! Theres even a place for them. I found myself walking into La Parilla. A Mexican restaurant situated on one of the street corners just up from the railway station. An eccentric looking place from the outside with a stereotypical Mexican bandit character playing a guitar in the doorway entertaining passers by and diners alike. As we walked in we where greeted with a friendly smile by a waiter who has asked if we'd booked. We hadn't! I do long for the day when I can walk into a restaurant ask for a table and they ask "have you booked?" And I reply "No don't you know how I am?" But anyway at the moment I'm a nobody so I have to be contented with either being told no and asked to leave or being put wherever they can't for me? Luckily on this night it was the latter. We where seated in the window at the front of the restaurant. The interior was charming if not a little tacky. But I honestly don't mind that. I don't really like restaurants to be prim and proper. I like the eccentric and shambolic style some exhibit. It gives character to a place and provides interesting talking points. Service was speedy our drinks order being taken strait away. Desperado beer and a gin and tonic! The menu is quite extensive and with a lot to choose from it was difficult to make a definitive choice. In the end I ordered a mini chicken filled tortilla wrap with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. It was very nice, presented well and tasted delicious. Not too heavy and not too greasy. The flavours burst through every mouthful. Fresh, vibrant and totally moorish it was a lovely starter. The salsa was freshly homemade none of that jarred Doritos watery puss they call salsa. For the main course I had one of my favourite Mexican dishes, the Chimichanga. It was basically, and I didn't realise at the time a large version of the starter. But this came with a delicious sauce topping and rice that really completes the dish. Crammed into the tortilla was chicken, peppers, onions, and garlic all swimming in a lovely creamy cheese sauce which was silky and smooth like liquid chocolate on a winters night it was divine. The actual size of the tortilla was colossal! But I tackled it with all the gusto I could muster and got through it. Every mouthful a delight, lip smackingly good it was a pleasure to eat. It was a meal well worth the struggle to get through. The waitress came over to see if all was ok. I refrained from firing a distress flat into the air and asking for a stomach pump, everything was splendid I replied. The main meal was over with. I had that feeling of elation and regret all at the same time. I swerved dessert because I was just too full. The bill came swiftly and we paid. But not without finishing those little minty chocolates they give you. There's always room for them. Although I did rather feel like Dawn French trying to cram in that last Brussel sprout! All in all this was a great visit and a great place to eat. It's fun, vibrant, entertaining and the food is incredibly good. I'd definitely recommend it and I shall definitely be returning the next time I am in the city.
Hema M.
This is probably the best burrito I have had outside of California. This place is the real deal. From the friendly staff to the huge and I mean ridiculously HUGE portions. This place will whisk you away to the friendly cantinas of Tijuana. Amazing. I would recommend this whole heartedly for friends family. I even got to west a sombrero for the entirety of my stay. Great for the kids. The staff are so friendly and happy. The kitchen is super clean and professional. You can see your food getting prepared. I really look forward to coming here again and again and again. Did I mention the Burritos are huge. You could seriously have 1 between 2. Visit soon my friends before you have to start booking a table.

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