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Best Ice Cream in Rotherham

There are 5 restaurants
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75/100 (752 ratings)
Ice Cream
"Without a doubt this is the best place for dessert, great staff approach, i would highly recommend a visit. Keep it..."
Ifhy Khaliq
"By far the best dessert place in Rotherham. Great friendly staff and fantastic service. And most importantly tastes amazing! Highly recommend to..."
Ishy Ishaq
"Without a doubt the best dessert place in Rotherham, delicious desserts and excellent customer service... Most definitely..."
Hasina Mahmood
"Just got back from my second visit here with my girlfriend. Absolutely delighted with just about everything this place has to offer. Friendly staff,..."
Adam Bakes
"Came here with the girls after we had been for a meal .. friendly manager and made us feel welcome desserts are amazing! Highly recommend something..."
Emma Louise Rose
"2nd time ordering both orders were amazing. Plenty of choice the waffle with white chocolate and strawberry’s and the cookie dough was gorgeous...."
Elizabeth Twible
"Gelato4u is one of the most wonderful dessert places I have ever seen. You have lovely staff, good prices and great services. I have tasted 3 types..."
Saad Sakran
"Really enjoyed the desserts. Top quality. Deffo recommend everyone to take a trip down and enjoy a wide selection of their delicious desserts. Keep..."
Waqar Saddique
"Best place in Rotherham.. wouldn't go anywhere else. Good atmosphere,Great staff, and very welcoming..keep up the fantastic work...."
Fiz Rashid
"Me nd my family Really enjoyed the desserts yesterday . Top quality nd presentation of desserts � was so beautiful �. Deffo recommend everyone to..."
Tahmina Inam
"Absolutely delicious... loved the apple crumble... best place ever... thanku for the..."
Aisha Iqbal
"Kids loved it. My son loved the aero milkshake and the chocolate icecreams. Its not big but its cosy enough to visit for desserts and a treat. The..."
Rubi Mahmood
"Amazing fresh tasty desserts complete with excellent customer service, the guys were so welcoming and friendly when me and my partner visited!!! The..."
Simone Moore
"Just ordered late after me and my husband got the urge for something sweet.. my husband ordered cookie dough and I ordered a crepe. AMAZING! Had to..."
Jamie Leigh Carberry
"Great desserts and fantastic service! Very friendly staff too. The crepes and waffles are..."
Araf Ali
"Been to many dessert parlous in the past and I have written some reviews on them. But this parlour cannot be expressed in words. That peanut butter..."
Imran Khan
"The desserts were nice, but they've really REALLY got to sort out their time..."
umar kayani