Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering, Welwyn Garden City

Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering

Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering, Welwyn Garden City 279 Nassau Blvd South - Welwyn Garden City

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  • Monday: 11.00–22.00
  • Tuesday: 11.00–22.00
  • Wednesday: 11.00–22.00
  • Thursday: 11.00–22.00
  • Friday: 11.00–22.00
  • Saturday: 11.00–22.00
  • Sunday: Closed

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Anthony Ciardiello
Excelente atención, buena comida !!!!

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Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering

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Welcome to Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering. The activity is the sort of restaurant.
Visitors say that the help is marvelous here. Vote based expenses at this place are inspiring information for its guests.
Sluurpy's fuudies have asserted by and large that the café merits a 84 out of 100
If you are in Welwyn Garden City better to try once in life. After you tried do not forget to tell yours friends as well to come here and enjoy the same experience you will be having. Food is totally delicious!
Sitting outside, you will appreciate a wonderful view. The high evaluations of this eatery wouldn't be conceivable without the expert waitstaff. Decent assistance is something that visitors feature in their remarks. Delicious dinners at satisfactory costs are offered here. You will see the value in the heavenly style and comfortable vibe of Avellino's Pizzeria & Catering. Kick back and see the menu online for this spot.
On this stage, you can peruse the computerized menus of this movement, which implies you can find out datas and information about the dishes, costs and bigotries before you take a seat at the table. Snap on the catch 'Browse menu' to consider your decisions and by and large spark your interest for delightful food! Begin murmuring about your decisions, examine with your companions and family members what to eat, question your accomplice about what to share this evening, however in general be prepared to have a hunger for scrumptious and flavorful food!
If you want to straightforwardly contact the restaurant owners and stop wondering about specific details and information about food, proces, offers and services, you can directly ask the provider of the menu: the restaurant owners! There are several dishes to try, but not always what the restaurant means is the same as you think. There might be ingredients that are not specified in the menu and you want to find out more. For example, you might wonder whether there are vegan alternatives that are not displayed in the official menu. Then, you can dial the contact number and start a conversation that will be helpful to make the best choice for your dinner, your takeaway order or your intimate dinner at-home

Our aggregate rating, “Sluurpometro”, is 84 based on 1073 parameters and reviews

If you need to contact by phone, call the number (516) 307-1313