Hill Top Cafe, Windsor

Hill Top Cafe

Hill Top Cafe, Windsor

Winkfield Road - Windsor


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Heaven for Lego lovers. We spent a day there. Lots of rides, shops and restaurants. The Miniland is a real treat, we got to see it on our way out and were amazed by it. It's worth downloading the app as it gives you a map with real time queuing times for the rides. Lots of alcohol gel stations, which is great in these times, as well as sign for masks where required. It was good to see the majority of people adhering to it. One downside I found was the queuing times, they were rather long. Need to plan it so you don't miss the rides you want to go on. And it's hard keeping your kids entertained and restrained for so long in a queue. One way to overcome this is by purchasing the Reserve and Ride which basically lets you join the queue virtually and go straight to the ride when the time is up. You can pay extra to reduce the queuing times by 50 or 90% but it can get quite pricey as it is charged per person. Will probably visit again but not so soon.
Tom Bell
Great day out with the family with lots or rides for big and small kids! There so much to do here that its worth getting there early to make sure you can see it all. You will leave knackered if you have kids with you. Only thing to think about as with all of these places is that food and drink prices are crazy, defo worth packing some sandwhiches if you want to save £60. They also charge you £10 for the car park when you leave.

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Hill Top Cafe

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