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  • Sandwiches
  • Pesto
  • Salad
  • Pasta
  • Paninis
  • Toasts


  • Phone number: +44 23 8063 0634
  • Cuisine:
    Vegetarian Friendly
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    Vegetarian Friendly
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    Lynn F 2019-07-02

    This is our go-to place when we're shopping. It has a decent selection of salads as well as baked potatoes and other light meals. It's airy on the upper level with views out to the docks - not very scenic but better than being enclosed downstairs, fun for children to look out.

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    Liz R 2019-06-15

    Went for breakfast today! Both our breakfasts were cold. I mean cold. Probably something to do with the fact that the breakfasts were sat on the side for around 10 minutes before being brought to us! Poached egg was not cooked properly. Flower on the table was covered in cobwebs and a spider on it! Rubbish over the floor where we were sat! Knives and forks were dirty as we're the glasses we had to drink from. If I could give this a zero I would! Will not be eating here again!!

  • Logo
    Noel W 2019-06-09

    Where do I start ... went with the family for lunch having not been in ~ 12 months. I can’t believe how bad it has become. The sandwiches they served were wrong and when they came I couldn’t even eat it, shocking quality. The coffee was like dishwater that I threw down the sink...when I asked about the sandwiches we’d not had it was a short abrasive response. It’s not even well priced - I’ll not be back, needs a complete change ... still has the best seating area in that part of the food hall but can’t enjoy it.

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    87wendywoo 2019-04-02

    The food court in West Quay is full of fast food outlets, cramped seating and queues at lunch. So Cafe Giardino came as a welcome surprise. We were able to order freshly made sandwiches with our choice of ingredients. There was lots of seating and the service was fast. The food was really tasty and the coffee good. A really good place for a sandwich, I will go again.

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    Martin H 2019-04-01

    WENT in here for 2 x flat whites , when i looked across to the coffee making area , i saw their was no FULL FAT MILK , so i asked the server , how was he going to make flat white without FULL FAT MILK , his reply was , he didn'y know the difference , i even had the sort of manager guy come over , & his answer was the same , what sort of other training hadn't he been given . So had a very poor tea instead , ( cheep quality tea bags ) lets face it in WEST QUAY , you are paying top dollar ,! so excpect the best , this lot fell @ the first hurdle . vote with my feet, on this one.

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    On My Way P 2019-03-11

    The staff are always making sure that you get exactly what you want Good selection of food, also you can make your own sandwich. Fresh salads and also GF and DF options available Prices quite expensive compared to the competition around

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    DaveandIrene10 2019-03-01

    We went to this eatery on Tuesday lunch time for lunch with our granddaughter. My wife ordered a jacket potatoes and salad, l ordered the full English breakfast. Our granddaughter also had the breakfast. They had run out of mushrooms at 12-30on a weekday with about 6 people in the restaurant. My wife was served with her salad straight away after a lengthy time my breakfast arrived the egg was almost raw and tomatoes uncooked, the bacon was almost crispy where over cooked. Anyway l was very hungry so ate as much as l could. In the meen time my wife was still waiting for her jacket potatoe. She ordered for my granddaughter who had just arrived and asked where her jacket potato was . It arrived after the breakfast for my granddaughter her bacon was inedable. Also throughout our meal one of the young assistants was talking with one of his friends who was having a sandwich and playing rap music very loudly on his phone. The staff seemed uninterested and tables not cleaned off properly. If the company reply to this they need not bother if the give a stock answer of "sorry we have spoken to the staff" something is definitely wrong with the set up and staff there. Everywhere else was heaving with customers, we now know why this place was nearly empty. We will not be returning . Wish l could give no stars

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    FarAway44078 2019-02-26

    Amidst the wealth of fast food outlets, with their cramped seating facilities. Cafe Giadarno is excellent. Sandwiches made to order and personal preference. The staff really look after you. Seating is superb with views over the waterfront. It really is an oasis of calm and well worth a visit.

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    Gareth T 2019-02-19

    I went to Cafe Giardino last Thursday at 4:00pm. I ordered a regular spaghetti bolognaise and a slice of carrot cake. The female member of staff who served me charged me £10.30. I sat down with my spaghetti bolognaise and ate it. To my surprise the spaghetti bolognaise was lukewarm. There were no other customers in Café Giardino apart from me. I left Café Giardino quietly and calmly. Not happy my meal was lukewarm. I was going to say something to the lady who served me. But she was on the phone. In future I will eat at home. Let everyone aware of this.

  • Logo
    Lsj1992 2019-02-02

    The staff member was very rude and blunt towards me , I wasn’t offered any salad and was given a very basic sandwich and I assumed I was going to be offered salad or at least some other ingredient for the price I paid. Then the staff member was rude to another member of staff when he didn’t do something that he was asked in front of me and my partner . It was embarrassing and very bad customer service . I felt like the entire experience was rushed and I was a nuisance for ordering a sandwich. Overall a bad experience and I expected better .

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    chris j 2018-12-29

    Went for breakfast at 9:30 this morning, really shouldn’t have bothered. Firstly both members of staff were quite pleasant & attentive. Trying to find a table that was clean & upholstery that wasn’t stained (some of the stains you really didn’t want to get close to!) was another matter, this cafe really needs a deep clean! We ordered 2 full English breakfasts only to be told they didn’t have any sausages, but would add another slice of bacon..... The breakfast arrived...... not nice at all, everything was at best Luke warm, every single ingredient (including the toast) just tasted of cooking fat, as if it had all been deep fried. The coffee was virtually undrinkable, please do not waste your money or your time. Ikeas breakfast is better!

  • Logo
    Madtwo 2018-12-11

    Went for a Sunday morning brunch. Sadly the staff on the till hardly spoke English. The time to order was just depressing. Never have I found it so stressful to order a full English breakfast and a couple of eggs on toast. Please if owners of the cafe/restaurants insist on employing staff with little to no grasp of the English language please place an English speaking minder with them. That said whoever did cook the food that eventually arrived served up a very acceptable breakfast.

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    mamalyn27407 2018-11-18

    We love their macaroni and cheese, which they supposedly have every day. From the time they opened, the girl kept telling us they were working on it and it would be out in a minute. They must have one cook who makes one dish at a time because she brought out three dishes, one every 15 or 20 minutes, but no macaroni. We gave up and ate somewhere else. When we passed by again around 2:30, it still was not in the case. Bottom line, the food is good, but do not count on any particular thing because they apparently do not have a plan!

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    Brendan O 2018-10-24

    By far the best place to eat in the West Quay food terrace Lovely environment, good fresh food and staff always pleasant.

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    evep1314 2018-09-25

    We went this cafe on Saturday for lunch as it’s was the only quieter eatery and my step father is diabetic. It was quiet fir good reason! He ordered a tuna melt panini, a scone and bag of crisps. He had to wait over 20 minutes for this. When he sat down and took a bite. The bread was stale! The panini didn’t have any flavour. He then cut the scone which was stale. I took both plates back and asked for a refund. The staff were rude and said they could see what was wrong with the food and why I wanted a refund. When I explained that we had to wait over 20 mins for a panini, the reply was we are busy. I suggested they get more staff and sort out the dates on the food or maybe ask HSE for advice!!! Do not visit this cafe. I was not the only one complaining that day. Not good!!!!!

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    Beatriz M 2018-09-21

    The food is very tasty. Vegetarian and Vegan friendly. Nice sitting area, calm and enjoyable. However, the staff was somewhat unprofessional. After ordering a salad the waiter didn't change the gloves and carried on preparing a second plate with the same gloves. Just a second example, they mentioned they would bring the salad to the table when the second plate would be ready. Then forgot to bring it. I decided to ask one of the staff an they replied "oh can you ask my colleague (pointing to the collegue). Just an unpleasant situation that could have been avoided.

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    batshead 2018-07-11

    We were in West Quay, Southampton, and decided to have a sandwich as it was lunch time. We ordered a barbecue chicken panini thinking it would be quick. Sadly, it took twenty minutes to arrive, and the cafe wasn't even busy! It was also quite dry too. The salad garnish that came with it looked limp and unappealing. We'd ordered a small cake to have after it, which was given to us before we had the sandwich, and when we did finally get to eating it, it was very dry indeed! Disappointing is what springs to mind. At least the staff seemed friendly enough though.

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    Iguana2016 2018-06-09

    My son and I used to come here regularly before I had work abroad for several months. So we were looking forwarding to meeting up with the friendly staff and delicious baguettes. Oh dear, no more friendly staff and no more baguettes! All change- for the worse. Service was slow, all new staff who looked like rabbits in headlights, no baguettes and to cap it all my son’s substitute ham sandwich had been given to another customer! Won’t be returning in the foreseeable future! A shadow of its former self! Shame.

  • Logo
    chelseyh48 2018-04-22

    I used to come regularly when I lived in Southampton now I live further away but when I come to Southampton I always come to Giardinos place. The food is always fresh you can see before you order so you know what you are getting. Good selection and menu the seating area is always clean comfortable and a good quick service. Always serve freshly squeezed orange juice not forgetting a view of Southampton.

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    sillybi 2018-02-20

    I went to Café Giardino on Friday 16th February after my partner attended a hospital appt. I thought the food very average but was completely stunned at the cost of 2 cans of San pellagrino at £3.75 each for fizzy orange I can buy 6 cans for less in the supermarket. I asked the staff if this was correct and they said that it was and it was expensive to eat and drink in. I have to say it will be the first and last time that I use this place is a blatant rip off.

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