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Korean cuisine: the best places to taste it in Southampton

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Manna Restaurant
81/100 (930 ratings)
"Korean BBQ Manna Is the perfect venue to sample Korean food, and it acts like a Marketing Banner, for all in Southampton. I visited tonight and the..."
Shannon Rundle
"Lovely food! Friendly service and giant portions! The waitress even gave my partner a fork when he flailed and struggled with the chopsticks!..."
Gemma Coles
"A family trip for Sunday lunch! The children’s first experience, and mine, of Korean food. We will be back. Friendly staff and fantastic fresh..."
Ele Jaynes
"nice food, nice people, great experience! highly recommend..."
Tania Pinto
"Lovely friendly place and great food!..."
Nicola Bevan-King
"Came with my friend. We were so happy with everything here! I also learned 'thank you' in Korean! Definitely come back!..."
Hà Nguyễn
"Super nice and very clean! Polite staff! The foods are..."
Emmy Lou Vergara Bowles
"Had Kimchi jjigae & Gal bi tang, which were..."
Sunhwa Kinchington
"After today visiting again, the boss offered me the same fried chicken for free and it’s fresh and delicious. The boss told me they changed the..."
Tony Zac
"We both ordered the fried chicken and bulgogi as takeaway and were very pleasantly surprised as the food was delicious. Both were great, with fresh..."
Teresa K
"I took the collection. The food was very delicious. I highly recommend the ban ban yangyum chicken and..."
Caleb yi
"The food is delicious thumbs up... They could lower the prices about but my tummy is happy..."
Allan Lester Medina
"Had a very nice lunch there today. The food was very tasty as always and friendly staff..."
Marc Brooks