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    gormetLiverpool 2019-11-20

    A well worth visit to this fabulous restaurant. So pleased Chef Marc decided to reopen as there is nothing like it on the Wirral or Liverpool.

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    JFergo 2019-11-16

    here on a Friday night, a belated birthday treat for me from my friend. we'd been looking to try here for a while. on approach, it really is quite nondescript, not giving much away as to what goes on within. Inside, it's very comfortable, contemporary, has subdued lighting and images projected onto the walls of the waiting area, adding to the atmosphere. prior being seated at our table we enjoyed an aperitif and a number of amuse bouches. my favourite being the parmesan ice lolly, intriguing. I've posted our full menu below. we went for the signature, with wine pairing. we were then taken to our table were what followed was definitely one of the best dining experiences I've ever had. the food, superb, each dish and accompanying wine broken down, and explained to us, though not at all in any kind of haughty or pretentious way. the service was friendly, good humoured, and impeccable throughout the evening. I'd love to break down the main dishes but I'd be here all day. my favourite from those was the langoustine. again, check out the menu, this will give you some idea, but what is served goes way beyond those descriptions. overall a fantastic night. it may seem a little extravagant, but definitely worth it. go on, treat yourselves. I certainly plan on gong back.

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    ClaireR130 2019-10-06

    We have been a couple of times in the past few years and it just gets better every time we go. The food and service are exceptional. It’s very hard to book a table so you need to be quick when the bookings come out.

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    BrianHill125 2019-09-15

    We have visited Fraiche before and were really disappointed when Marc decided to close at the end of 2018. The reopening was a welcoming opportunity and we couldn't wait to revisit. We took our 2 sons as a treat for them and it had lost none of it's original charm and exquisite dishes. Welcome back !

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    harters 2019-06-02

    I was distraught when, just before Christmas, I read that Fraiche had closed. It’s a restaurant we’ve been visiting for years. Never had a bad dish, let alone a bad meal. I emailed Marc Wilkinson to offer best wishes for the future and he replied saying he hoped to reopen in another location. So, it was with some surprise that I found he was actually staying in the original Oxton premises. It seems nothing has changed. It’s still a no choice tasting menu, cooked immaculately and served with relaxed style and professionalism. We gave a deep sigh of relief. While you’re having an aperitif, there’s snacks to be had. A raspberry and verbena shot was a sign that, whilst Marc may have had a few months break, he’s lost none of his touch. There’s sweetness from the raspberry perfectly matched by a citrus hit from the verbena. There’s also spiced nuts, a buttermilk and trout roe rice cracker, cheese marshmallow and, perhaps best of the lot, a smoked eel sandwich. Once at the table, we checked that, as before, there are only eight covers in the restaurant, with seven bums on seats. It’s probably as many as Marc can deal with on his own in the kitchen. For a first course there was diced watermelon. I can still remember our first meal at Fraiche, eleven years ago, when it was also watermelon to start. Then it was mixed with raw tuna so you couldn’t really tell which was which until it went into your mouth. Now, there’s cubes of salty feta and a whack from basil. Smoked salmon follows, in a light dashi broth, with a crunch from small dice of cucumber. Bread was served round about now – four different ones – the fennel one being a stunner, IMO Next up, a set parsley cream was topped with thinly sliced raw (?) scallop and a shaving of truffle. Then a more assertively flavoured “textures of artichoke” dish – sliced raw Jerusalem artichoke, an ice cream, a crisp and, probably, other preparations that I’ve forgotten. For contrast there sweetness from a passion fruit jelly and crunch from hazelnut. It all works really well. Sea trout had been lightly cooked – I think I recall Marc doesn’t use a sous vide machine so I guess this had just been poached. It comes with a squid ink cracker, salty samphire and a lovely passion fruit mayo. On every single previous visit to Fraiche, the fish has been over favourite course and, at this point, it was the front runner. The final savoury course was an intricate preparation of Cumbrian lamb. There’s a slice of perfectly pink loin (?) and some long cooked breast. There’s also classic French lamb accompaniments – black olives in the form of a crisp, shallot, tomato and aubergine. Pre-dessert was a knockout combination of yuzu, orange and a little background hint of liquorice. Texture was more than a foam but less than a mousse. It’s really good. At the beginning of the meal, you’re asked whether you want to end it with “salt or sugar”. Salt gets you cheese. Sugar gets you a dessert which proved to be the best course of the evening – and it’s rare that we would say that. It’s another “textures” thing – this time of exceptionally flavoured Gariguette strawberries. They sit on a shortbread (?) tart and there’s fresh berries, marinated ones, a gel and an ice cream as well as a coconut meringue crisp. Coffee was good although somehow during their closure the espresso machine went missing, so we had to settle for a cafetiere. Petit fours were excellent. It had been a lovely evening when we “oooh and ahh’d” over the food several times. And then it was off into the night having, in truth, paid a bill that was remarkably good value for this quality. Oh yes, and there’s a little pack of homemade hobnobs to take away just in case we get peckish on the hour’s drive home.

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    lifemonch 2019-04-24

    we have had the privilege of eating here many times, and are never disappointed. Tom at front of house takes great care of us each time. The last time we went the best dish was a smoked eel sandwich, I hope its the still on the menu next time we go!

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    Nicola L 2019-04-19

    We have been lucky to have dined here several times in the past 15 years and always feel like we have won the lottery when we manage to secure a table at this exceptional restaurant. We had the pleasure of dining here again last night. From the minute you walk into Fraiche, your senses are taken on a sensational journey. Everything is so carefully thought out and presented beautifully. The care that has been taken over the whole dining experience is incredible. The food is like nectar from the gods - the flavours, textures and presentation are exquisite. I have never tasted food of this standard anywhere else. The service is excellent and the two members of staff who served us were so pleasant and made sure our experience was wonderful from start to finish. Marc Wilkinson is a truly amazing chef, who is so very talented. If I was to sum up this restaurant in one word, I would say it is truly 'magical'.

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    grebex 2019-03-18

    Having been fortunate to have dined at Fraiche a few times, we always expect nothing but perfection, yet with every visit Marc surprises us with more breathtaking food. The execution of each dish is impeccable, every element balances and compliments each other perfectly. The decor, lighting and soundtrack, everything has been carefully chosen to compliment the food. Words simply cannot describe the sublime sensations when dining at Fraiche. Thank you Marc for the relentless passion and bringing magic to the culinary world.

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    Decker 2019-03-11

    We had the pleasure of attending Fraiche on the second night of a soft opening following a couple of months of closure during which the restaurant got a make over - chef turning his hand back to changing the decor and the soundtrack for a new season. The FOH team was completely new and it was obvious that they weren't QUITE on point yet, but they were courteous and friendly, almost avuncular. The lead male certainly felt like he'd known you before in another life. The food was just superb. Beautifully presented and full of surprising textural and flavour twists. There were some nods to the pre-2019 Fraiche (candied pecans and lip lollies anyone?) but Marc has managed to take a successful brand and polish it just a little bit more! Can't wait to return.

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    martinmP1125PK 2019-03-11

    We were amongst the first diners to visit Fraiche in 2019 and count ourselves as very lucky to have done so. Having eaten there previously, although 'eating' doesn't even begin to describe the experience, we were excited, and justifiably so. Greeted by the subtle scent of lavender, evoking memories of the fields of Grasse, the gentle musical sound track helped us to leave the rest of the day behind. Our first taste of what was to come, a small shot glass of pink grapefruit with rosemary, tantalised the palate and prepared our taste buds for the evening ahead. We selected the matched wine flight and relaxed. The decor has changed. Delightful highlights of copper, in the lighting. on the walls and tables add a sense of warmth. The uncovered tables, hand painted by the proprietor, whilst dark, served to fucus attention on the dishes served. The menu, deceptively underwritten, intriguingly keeping pace with the music seemed almost magical with the perfect balance of flavours and textures. The highlight of the canapes, for me, a smoked eel sandwich, utterly delightful and deliciously light. Severn and Wye smoked salmon with dashi and cucumber was accompanied by a dry Louis Roederer Champagne. Raw scallop served in a sea urchin shell delighted before Artichoke with passion fruit and ginger took our breath away evoking childhood memories eating crisps in the sunshine. Hen of the woods, earthy and heady with truffle, washed down with a fabulous German Riesling was followed by Cornish Brill, then a Cumbrian lamb of almost magical flavour served with aubergine and gnocci. As the owner of a sweet tooth addicted to chocolate, when we were served a desert of yuzu and orange, my heart sank just a little. How to describe the sensational 'orange mousse' we tasted may test me for the rest of my life, suffice here to say this was the best desert I have ever tasted. The evening closed as it started with a fabulous culinary 'call back', Pineapple with rosemary and hibiscus, rounded of by a delightful 'Noble' Mitchell 2014 Semillon. Wow Anyone wondering if the two month closure would somehow change the magic will surely not be disappointed. A true culinary and hospitality genius, at the top of his game. A meal we will remember for a very long time, setting a very high bar indeed.

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    Minty189 2018-10-17

    I am absolutely blown away by this restaurant! Yes, it’s a long wait, I get that, but so worth waiting for. Ambience is fantastic. I loved the images portrayed, I pad menu was great. Four courses listed. Actually much more than that. Every course was a delight! Food was sublime, beautifully executed and exciting. We actually felt Chef was cooking for us! Wine flight was beautiful, inventive and really made us think outside the box with regard to wine pairings! All in all, an amazing experience. Thank you Chef Marc, Tom and Nicola for a fantastic evening xxx

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    Paul A 2018-10-08

    It was immediately obvious that things had developed since our last visit. It is still very difficult to get a booking on any particular day and we were lucky enough to find a relatively convenient date on the first day of booking for three months ahead, but we were not prepared for the digitalisation of the menu - we were handed an iPad style screen with the details of the dishes and a very spare wine list, which made no distinction between by-the-glass and bottle, apart from the price, and the relative cheapness of some of the bottles made one imagine that they might be halves. The wondrous glass wall sculptures had been replaced by computerised light shows, a shame in our eyes, and the seating arrangement was more akin to an 80s coffee bar set-up. We just hoped that the food, which had previously raved about, would still have that wow factor and the almost poetic note shown in the anonymous little handout accompanying the menu. The canapés started arriving almost before we had settled in, a red pepper shot preceding spiced pecans, which were followed by cheese jelly with pine nuts, a yuzu gel and a clever sourdough cream, and then, in quick order, a tomato mousse with small chunks of feta. The West Country smoked salmon was elevated by a super bergamot cream and some smoked almonds, but the overall pleasure was diminished by the grated pineapple, even though it was not as acidic as it might have been. The Orkney scallops with a dashi sauce, grape gel, samphire, and hints of radish had an almost caramelised note which was not very pleasant. Granary and treacle breads were then served before the next course which took the form of a parsley mousse backed up by hazelnuts, garden salad leaves and buttermilk cream, and which was quite unremarkable. A tiny and not uniformly perfect portion of monkfish followed supported by rather bland carrot cream, trendy puffed rice, and accents of black olive. Not for the first time we were told that the reason for importing guinea fowl from the Loire was that it is simply superior to anything in the UK, and it has to be said that the bird was outstanding - the confit leg in particular - as was the artichoke heart, although the textures of onion, the ceps, and the nasturtium leaves did nothing to help. The two desserts, apricot sorbet with rice and frozen lemon verbena, and blackberries with coffee meringue, white strawberries and pistachio cake failed to make a lasting impression. Our fond memories were not lived up to.

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    Emmaaaaa21 2018-09-29

    It was good. The service was excellent and so was the wine flight. The main course of lamb was great, so was the crab dish and the 3 amuse bouche served upon arrival. I don’t think the bread should be the best thing when you’re paying so much money but I loved it. The fizzy grapes are overhyped and not as fantastic as I believed they’d be. The atmosphere is what you pay for, you can get food just as good for half the price somewhere else.

  • Logo
    LE73x 2018-09-02

    Absolutely amazing evening. The food was out of this world and the ambiance with the lights and music changing as the meal progressed was a lovely touch too. A night to remember and we can’t wait to return. Well done Marc and your team as it was outstanding!

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    Cheffron 2018-08-26

    This was our third visit this year ( I can’t believe how lucky we have been with bookings ) and as per the last 2 the entire experience was amazing from start to finish. The effort that goes into the food, visuals and music is amazing and the service is impeccable. In total there must be around 14 dishes served to you and every one is a treat to the taste buds expertly explained by the 2 front of house staff who are such a credit to Fraiche. Can’t wait to visit again, fingers crossed for a Holden Ticket.

  • Logo
    Caz293 2018-07-20

    First visit to Fraiche, 19th July, it certainly won’t be the last ( if we can get in of course!!!). Superb food and excellent service.thank you everyone.

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    Rosie1005 2018-06-19

    Fraiche is a unique experience for lovers of food. Every dish is perfect - and there are a lot of dishes !!! A very special quiet place which we would happily go back regularly....if we could get in :) remember to book well in advance for your special occasions

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    martinmP1125PK 2018-05-15

    Dinner last Thursday was a multisensory delight from start to finish. Greeted by FOH like an old friend. The pre dinner seating area featured projected images and films to set the scene and whet the appetite for the food to come. Every course was an absolute delight with perfectly matched wines. The menu, beautifully underwritten and hugely over delivered. Courses included "Carrots" "Wild Brill" "Salt or Sugar" Too many highlights but the Pork main course was stunning, the rhubarb bitters fantastically evocative and the seaweed and fennel bread is still making my mouth water. All prepared by one man in a tiny kitchen. Absolutely wonderful faultless dining experience.

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    L2224IWpauln 2018-05-08

    Absolutely fantastic food experience! Every dish on the signature menu had been prepared with meticulous detail and tasted amazing. It was our first time dining at a Michelin Star restaurant and we weren't disappointed. Fraiche doesn't feel pretentious, it's just about the food. IT was a very relaxed atmosphere and we felt it was quite a special experience dining with just 6 other guests. When you arrive you are seated in a kind of waiting area and offered drinks. We were given some taster snacks straight away and even these were delicious. Once everyone has been seated at the table, the restaurant is yours for the rest of the evening. Although the dishes are very small, you are given plenty, I'd say about 10 courses so you leave full but not uncomfortably stuffed. The waiter explains each dish as they are served so you know just what you're eating. We didn't go wth the wine flight and this is a handy way to reduce the cost as they do have plenty of wines at a reasonable price on their wine menu. It's definitely worth getting a coffe as it's served with some delicious chocolates and other sweets. I would definitely recommend splashing out and having this dining experience.

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    Bev D 2018-05-08

    I've eaten in this restaurant several times and it has been excellent on every occasion. Marc Wilkinson's attention to detail and delicious flavours ranks him as one of the UK's very best chefs in my opinion. The wine flights are worth the investment (black being worth the additional price tag). It is difficult to get a table but this is to be expected from a restaurant of this calibre with a small number of covers. Tables can be booked online at 10am on the 1st of every month. To be even a minute late will mean you miss out.

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