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11 Harbour Road
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Updated 2020-02-21
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    Fast Food


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    Amy M 2019-09-15

    I went to Wendy's waffles next door to the Wendy's burgers and had one of the nicest seaside donuts I've ever had!

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    Claire J 2019-08-17

    We were served by a lovely lady, who told us that they own all of the eateries in the block and to sit ourselves anywhere. £2.50 for a cheeseburger which was great, and a voucher for buy one get one half price form their coffee shop at the end of the row. For a quick pit stop, it was fab :)

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    mattyf2016 2019-04-24

    good pleasant staff and great food and at good prices I have been going here for years since i was a kid and still make an effort to go everytime i go to Brid

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    djspink 2019-04-20

    In the location of Wendy’s, there are several eateries. My partner and daughter had food from elsewhere but I ordered from Wendy’s for myself and my son. We sat together at the provided table outside which was empty and a male staff member told us that we can’t sit there because we are not customers. He was wrong as I had just purchased food for myself and my son. He expected my family to split and for my seven year old daughter and partner to eat elsewhere which is completely unreasonable. He was arguing with me in the middle of the street. This is not how to you make your customers happy. There is no sign to say that we couldn’t sit there and he was just causing a scene. I refused to move my family and he walked back inside his kitchen. He upset my children and made them feel like they had broken the law. Complete Jobsworth!

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    968stever 2018-08-13

    Wandeeing around the harbour. Kids nagging that they want something to eat. We made a bee line here. Youngest was easy. Hotdog. Eldest Chicken burger. Took about 5 mins to cook as it was a special order. Middle one only wanted a bacon sandwich and nothing else. He didn't have them on the menu but on hearing her request said it would be no problem as he puts it on some burgers. Made her day. Was a really nice thing to do and just seemed to be the way the chap was. Nothing seemed too much trouble and he was quite busy too. Will certainly call here again.

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    986richiep 2018-07-25

    A giant hot dog with cheese & onions for £2 and a generous sized bacon and cheese burger for £2.60 - can’t fault it, great value for money!!!

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    buster70 2018-07-13

    Visited at Christmas . Lovely hot burgers with proper greeted cheese better than sliced rubber cheese . Will be back .

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    Natalie M 2018-06-24

    Everytime we go down to the habour to eat we use Wendy's. Alway amazing food. Cheaper then other places. The waffles are amazing. Fresh thick cream, thick chocolate sauce, full strawberries, chunky waffles. Donuts are the best and chunky. Burgers are fresh and very tasty. My kids love eating here. Staff are lovely and polite, which goes a long way when it comes to keeping my custom. Brilliant place where you get everything each person wants in one place. Plenty of tables to sit and enjoy the food.

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    Harry j 2017-07-19

    Very dry and tasteless, cheese stringy as if been kept warm for some time. Overall, not like I have had before.

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    Peter L 2017-05-07

    We first started going to Wendy's when our kids were little and now we're taking our grand children. I remember once being the first customers of the year and was given the entire meal for free! I have no idea how many times we have visited but it must be well into the hundreds and always had a great burger or whatever else we had from there menu. Carry on the good work and thank you very much. Oh and the prices are great too.

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    buster70 2017-01-12

    Visited at Christmas . Lovely hot burgers with proper greeted cheese better than sliced rubber cheese . Will be back .

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    Martin M 2017-01-09

    A trip to the coast, fish & chips, candy floss, sandcastles, ice cream, hot dogs & occasionally a burger if the mood takes me. Yes I know it's fast food, uncomplicated & as simple as you can get - but sometimes eating this type of food is exactly what I want. I wanted a double cheeseburger with onions - I've ordered before in the past & got one of the tastiest, satisfying burgers around. Wendys have been in the harbour area for years - the waffle bar adjoining it always seems to have a queue. Unfotunately on this occasion (2nd January 2016) I ordered & was very disappointed. Everything was wrong - the burger bun was dry & looked old/ flaky. The burgers were tasteless, overcooked (poss reheated) & dry. The cheese used was some form of grated cheese that was extra mature - far too strong for burger use. The onions on the burger were not sweated down/fried - they had turned to hard burnt pieces of charcoal - one bite & the whole lot went into the bin - As I said - usually Wendys serve a decent burger & have done for years - But if they're getting it wrong to that extent - people WILL stop purchasing. Even the day trippers, passers through communicate & let others know what they're buying/doing/eating etc. A real shame & hopefully a one off -

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