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Pelton Arms
100/100 (1104 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Fish & Chips
"My friend found out about this place via Skiddle and I'm glad she did. For £60 for a double room I wasn't expecting much but upon arrival I found..."
Martin Barber
"Was an excellent stay amazing pub full of british character. Friendly staff and an amazing breakfast will be staying again worth a..."
Matt Vincent
"The best pub in London. Well worth renewing our passports and travelling South of the..."
Keith Coffey
"Proper pub, good choice of beer. And it’s not just about the music, great as that..."
Martyn Tomkins
"Made my first proper visit to the Pelton last night from the Midlands. What a great, welcoming place with lots of character! Proper pub! :-) and a..."
Hannah Tobin
"I had forgotten just how brilliant the Pelton Arms is! Live music provided by the Rolling Stones (or similar!) The place was packed but the bar staff..."
Peter White
"It's just a great normal traditional pub. They put bands on got a decent menu and sell beer without all the pretentious nonsense other pubs go in..."
Patrick Gorman
"Had a great night celebrating a friends leaving do (3-2-17) the band were excellent had us all up dancing great beer and very friendly staff. A..."
Debi Rogers
"Best music. Great beer and food. Very cool chilled out staff to the mad and bewildered clientele! Myself..."
Richard Moore
"A great pub with scrumptious food at a reasonable price. Good selection of beer and other such beveridges. Staff were friendly, great live music with..."
Diane Norris
"Fantastic establishment throughout, full of friendly staff great music and top quality..."
Dean Gibbons
"The best pub ever, staff are great, music excellent, love the food. Always feel at home..."
Kerry Kelly
"Such a good pub - friendly staff, great choice of wines and beers, fabulous live music and rooms upstairs should you wish to kip over ....and a tasty..."
Jane Sneddon
"Food was excellent, staff vey friendly and polite, their is a new chef he is getting his food locally and..."
Susan St James
"Visited briefly on a bit of a Squeeze Quest. Great, old school battle cruiser, with a stage that can be seen from the whole pub. And bar billiards...."
Alan Casson
"Brilliant pub and B&B! We loved our stay. The staff were so lovely and friendly. The rooms were beautiful and bright. It was an absolute pleasure to..."
Erica Kelly
"Best pub in town - after a few visits the staff make you feel like family. Great live music..."
Gary Brady
"Was only on take away due to covid lockdown but I will like to go back and try it out when the madness is over but had some lovely fresh pizza witch..."
Alex Pain
"Great stay in Dec 2019! The Pub was fun and lively and the rooms were warm and comfy. Travel into London Proper was pretty easy with the connecting..."
Mike Salas
"Lovely staff, great beer garden and great selection of drinks. Lively live music venue on a weekend. Top neighbourhood pub and great to have..."
Peter Tutton
"One of the most delicious Sunday Roasts I have had in years. Also their Fish and chips and Halloumi fried in better are divine. Excellent all round..."
Jolly Scott
"I recently stayed at this pub for one night. The barman was friendly and efficient, food was gorgeous and we enjoyed trying one of the many..."
Jennie Smales
"Best pub in Town. Fab beer selection for great price and the atmosphere and staff and the besssst. If you get a music night, it'll be one of the best..."
Bryony Purdue
"Lovely old pub with a diverse music selection and comfy beds and a great shower. Breakfast was enough to get me through my uni interview and trip..."
dawn jacob
"Rhi was amazing! For sure she deserves a pay rise and a consentual hug for being such a hard working member of staff. She made our..."
Hana Denton
The Orange Buffalo
100/100 (2157 ratings)
Quick Bites
Fast Food
"Best wings in the world FACT! The guys who run this company are all lovely. And staff are really friendly. I go at least twice a week! I bloody love..."
Jamie Bannerman
"Can’t say enough. Best buffalo wings in the uk! Hands down. The woof woof sauce, my god the woof woof sauce with the blue cheese mayo. I find I..."
Wes Kabiri
"Amazing night in #shoreditch complete with these bad boys from @orangebuffalo . Half woof woof and half Vincent wings. The spice level was real. Woof..."
"The best buffalo wings in London! The portion size is huge! Finger-licking good! Even the blue cheese dip is amazing, and they have curly fries too!..."
"Authentic, Crispy and Bloody Delicious. Blue Cheese dressing is the perfect accompaniment to the spicy wings. The staff is so friendly. Small wait..."
Hersh Suri
"My favorite buffalo wings in London. Chooks comes a close second but these were really exceptional! Just how I like them! Make sure you haven;t got..."
Alex Davis
"I went for the famous woof woof sauce and I must say that those wings were really good. Not as spicy as I'd like them to be but still very tasty and..."
"Best wings in London!. When I heard about The Orange Buffalo I didn't believe their wings could be as good as wings in the states but they are up..."
"I could eat these damn things all day long. Me and boyfriend have been back 3 times in a week! The menu is simple-mouth watering sauces all over free..."
Charly Matthews
"I can honestly say there's no other buffalo wings that match these bad boys. All the sauces are a dream and SO hooked on their blue cheese. The staff..."
Benny Jones
"Wings and Ting! What What!. Coming from North America and moving to England you forget about the simple things you enjoy on occasion that is not as..."
Leo Casuga
"Punch you in the face fantastic. **Long read and emotional post below - apologies** **if you want the short version: Hands down, the best wings..."
"If there’s one food in this world that when mentioned, will make my ears prick up like a startled dog, it’s chicken wings. Although that may have..."
Maybe It's Because
" If all hot wings are like this then I’m definitely a convert, but of course, all hot wings aren’t like this and even from my limited experience..."
Gingle Lists Everything
"The sauce is a little thicker than you’d get Stateside, and it’s a little short on the pungent vinegar that I love so much, but you’d have to..."
Chris G
"I’m still scarred from Red Dog Saloons hot wings challenge, but it didn’t stop me from eating at The Orange Buffalo. The Orange Buffalo food..."
The Food Connoisseur
""Shoestring, Taggart, Spender, Bergerac, Morse. What does that say to you about regional detective series'?" "There's too many of them?" "That's one..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"If you're looking for authentic, succulent and crispy chicken wings, then look no further! The Orange Buffalo won 'Best Buffalo Wing' at the London..."
"So spicy - so heavenly. The Orange Buffalo definitely deserves to be in the top street food of London list, which it is.The wings are..."
Maryam Ansari
"This buffalo has a kick. The wings are some of the best but can be super spicy, though most things are for the person who can barely take..."
Alexandra Sims
"Situated in Ely's yard (food truck square) of the Old Truman Brewery the competition is fierce for the lunch time punters. The orange buffalo holds..."
Mack Rutherby
"This place is so cool. A food truck serving delicious food and at a reasonable price. My brother and his friend took me here and we had such fun -..."
"Be prepared to queue on the weekend.  Even at three in the afternoon I waited about 25 minutes in the queue.  I ordered Snake in the..."
Alice Gee
"-"I'll have 8 Viper (super hot) wings please."-"have you tried them before?"-"nope, never been here"-"maybe you want to try a bit..."
Miso Hungry
"I’m still scarred from Red Dog Saloons hot wings challenge, but it didn’t stop me from eating at The Orange Buffalo. The Orange Buffalo food..."
The Food Connoisseur
"By Koray HusseinIf there’s one food in this world that when mentioned, will make my ears prick up like a startled dog, it’s chicken..."
Maybe It's Because
"To be honest, I am not much of a hot wing aficionado or even their greatest fan. I don’t really go in for the skin on chickens and wings are always..."
Gingle Lists Everything
"Whoever says money can't buy happiness obviously never been to The Orange Buffalo. I was gonna say "best wings in London", but I'll take it a bit..."
Tim Nylen
"OMG! No words for this satisfying absolutely delicious wings, fried and covered in sauce to perfection. My favourite flavour is K-town, medium spicy..."
shapla lilly
"This is it. This is where it starts and where it ends. Perfectly cooked wings with fantastic sauce. I'd be calling myself a liar if I hadn't eaten..."
Alex Connolly
"Not bad at all, decent crispy wings which are fried just right! I had a 2 flavour combo which is a good idea but the flavours are too overpowering..."
Gordon Pearce
"Some of the best wings in London! lovely variety of flavours, sauces (and celery) BUT STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THOSE VIPER WINGS, I TRIED A FEW AND MY..."
"Best buffalo wings in London, no exaggeration! Friendly staff and tangy, saucy wings. Expect to wait a good 15-20 mins during the lunch rush..."
Yee He
"The best chicken wings in England! I have been multiple times and never been let down, the wings are always really crispy and then there covered in..."
"Seriously good chicken wings. The people with me were debating whether the price was worth over and above the other chicken ships on the high street...."
Jermaine N
The Ledbury
100/100 (7014 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Foie gras
"Ample portions, fresh dishes and ingredients, kind service, and mouthwatering food, plus its never really..."
Peter Pan
"Excellent place. Delicious, beautifully presented food items with the freshest ingredients and optimal hygienic conditions. The staff is highly..."
"Amazing place. Loved everything we had. Polite staff and will definitely visit again to try more. Highly..."
"Amazing place in London. I love the food. can’t wait to come back here again. Congratulations to the..."
"The presentation was extremely good the ambiences was lit and so was the food you have to check out ghis place in north hill i love this place i will..."
Dish To Serve
"The Ledbury had been on our hit list for quite a while. With a coveted two Michelin stars, and an Australian chef/owner - Brett Graham - it really..."
Sir And Mlady Dine Out
"A truly incredible dining experience.The Ledbury is a fine dining restaurant with a real emphasis on fine, as every part of our visit was..."
Alisha (LifeUnleashed)
"The service was excellent, the atmosphere was great. The neighborhood is great! The menu is sort of fixed, but the food was innovative, English and..."
Kirti Malhotra
"Yaha jgah Bahut hi bdhya hai. Yaha p Mai apne Dosto k saath gya tha party krne birthday ki. Bahut Maja aaya. Jgah ek number or Khaana b ek number...."
Khaane Ka Jaankaar
"This restaurant is best , design is too good ,food taste is good and best dish is sandwiches,truffles,wines etcService are good , environment is..."
"have not seen such a cohesive, harmonised team in operation for a while, Michelin of not. All the stuff were fab but a special mention goes to Javier..."
Aryan Pathak
"It’s not often you get a chance to dine at The Ledbury, but when the opportunity arises make sure you jump right on it. Currently placed at 27th of..."
The Food Connoisseur
"They say that lunch is the inferior meal of fine dining. Then again, “they” are usually the same SMH’ers that throw shade on British food, and..."
Kelsey Chen
"When planning our recent vacation, realizing we would have a few hours in London, I knew I had to get my priorities straight, starting with where to..."
A To Za'atar
"Few days back went this awesome place called the ledbury.The crowd was good.Went this place for dinner.Really awesome..."
Foodie Life🍔🍟🍲
"Went for my birthday. everything was just perfect.The restaurant is quite spacious, with fairly big tables. the room doesThe food is so..."
"Last night we headed over to Notting Hill for dinner at The Ledbury. After a stroll down Portobello Road & a quick stop at The Portobello Star, we..."
Where Will We Eat
"We love food and have been lucky to go to a number of fine dining restaurants around London, this has been our absolute favourite experience to date...."
Namrata Verma
"10/10 - food was out of this world - if we had any issues with any of the ingredients theyu offered an alternative. We had a small problem where we..."
Neha Verma
"I can’t think of too many restaurants that I’ve had both a strong desire to visit and an equally strong level of frustration to secure a table...."
"My last meal at the Ledbury was back in January, the day after New Year’s Day to be exact. The kitchen was working on a limited menu and they were..."
"It's weird, I've never liked the look of the Ledbury menu so I've constantly put off going despite it constantly coming out as the No 1 tasting menu..."
Shray Chawla
"We visited here for lunch earlier in the year. We opted for the tasting menu and it didn't disappoint. The restaurant itself was a bit subdued being..."
Ginni Arora
"Really amazing choice for our first meal in London. We opted for the 4 courses set lunch menu and although the dishes started out small we walked..."
Anh Nguyen
"The 2 Michelin starred, The Ledbury is a gastronomic explosion of foams, foie gras and finesse.Exquisite fine dining, perfect for a special..."
Concierge Angel
"Ledbury used to be a restaurant I would frequent a lot back when I was living in London. Back then, the restaurant had just obtained a Michelin star..."
"Super posh place but totally worth it!! Everything from the entire to the min to dessert were superbly cooked and excellent service all round...."
"Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of dining at The Ledbury. It was three of my friend’s 30th birthdays (one of them including Tim!) and Matt..."
Got To Be Gourmet
"Regardless of what Santa might decide come Christmas day, judging by how utterly spoilt I've been for my birthday, I must have been very good this..."
Miho @ Wander To Wonder
"An extremely overdue post, due to a few busy days (holidays, birthdays, visitors from Italy) and the looming and now passed, deadline to hand in my..."
Pasta Bites
"We ate here on the 16th of October for a Friday lunch, we were on our honeymoon from Australia. The Ledbury is a formal and serious fine dining..."
"The best restaurant in the world!From the casual ambiance to the friendly service. Just perfect. Of course the food is the star here...."
"We went to London for a week to visit our chosen son. During our visit we ate at nine excellent restaurants. The most memorable after The Fat Duck in..."
Taylor Fladgate
"I went there with a friend yesterday. This place is beautifully decorated with such nice and friendly atmosphere. Cuisines were excellent and great..."
Muhammad Daud
"Great food an d service!!! All around... But who needs such an extended Wines, etc... drinks list with such a tasty food !!!Honestly, I spent more..."
Flat Eric
"I visit this place often with my husband for lunch or dinner. Lunch have a less fixed with an excellent value for money, all the dishes are..."
Katie Liam
"Had a long leisurely lunch here and enjoyed every second of it. Beautifully presented food with interesting flavour combinations. Friendly..."
Kangana Rituraj
"The GF and I didn't have as many days in London as we did in Paris. But even with our limited time, I knew we had to make it out to Notting Hill. Not..."
J Kim
"It was a fabulous experience. There were small nibbles before getting the appetiser served. Great introduction of the wine matching your pallet. The..."
C. K.
"16th February 2015 · by Chris · in eating , England , London As you may have realised if you have been reading my blog for a while, I have been to..."
Quiet Eating
"Fabulous in every way. When you go to a restaurant that is so well reviewed and loved, it is difficult not to have high expectations. Even harder is..."
"So I'm trying something new this time. Instead of writing extensively about all the dishes, I'm just going to post the pictures of my experience..."
Kojo London
"Simply the best. Quite simply my favourite restaurant in London. The food makes my smile and my brain fuzzy with happiness and yet I never feel..."
"10/10!! It's my new favourite!. I went the Ledbury with my husband for sunday lunch yesterday. Food, Drink, Service Everything was perfect!..."
Foodie Ninjya
"Worth the wait. It exceeded my expectations. Actually I did not know what to expect . In the preceding week I had stayed a couple of days at Hipping..."
"Dinner for two. We ordered .... Dinner for two.We ordered the tasting menu with accomplishing wines.The menu was great and the wines were..."
Horst Eich
"10/10. 1. Really wish we'd had the tasting menu [my fault]2. Only disappointment was the fact that the room was at no time remotely full. Why..."
"If I had to choose one place in London... This would be it! Probably one of the best meals I've ever..."
"Fantastic meal!. Believe everything you've heard! This place is The place of all places. Food was top notch. Can't say..."
"Can't wait to go back!. I went here with a friend on my recent trip to London, and boy were we impressed. So glad it lived up to the hype. The food..."
"A sensational eating experience. We were so happy to have chosen this restaurant, as everything was absolutely perfect. The food was incredible, the..."
"Worth it!. Believe everything you've heard (that is good). This place is worth every penny. Staff was amazing. Food was..."
"Antipodean cool. The Ledbury has been on my list for donkey's but have had to keep cancelling...but I finally crossed the threshold into its elegant..."
Helen B
"Best restaurant in London with best matched wine ever. This was an unbelievably good lunch and was certainly the best meal we've eaten in London...."
"Wonderful. Our first time here about a week ago, after reading about the place on here and several other websites. Very good food, price is a little..."
"Flamed Grilled Mackerel with Smoked Eel, Tokyo Turnips and Celtic Mustard. The Mackerel had so much flavour, it was really fresh and just melted in..."
No Expert
"The trouble with sparkling reviews, high prices and michelin stars, is that the restaurant is really going to have to knock your socks off to impress..."
"The Ledbury’s reputation preceded it and we were prepared to be disappointed, but it truly lived up to its hype and then some. Looking back on it,..."
Snow Crab Nebula
"And does The Ledbury live up to its name? Definitely! For innovative and consistently high standards not only in the food but also in their..."
"The dishes were all really good, thoroughly enjoyable and I maybe I was having an off day. I would certainly return to The Ledbury and it’s..."
London Dining Reviewer
"We have heard fantastic reviews of The Ledbury, but with 2 Michelin stars and placed 13 th in the San Pellegrino 2013 top 50 restaurants in the world..."
"My junket to the Ledbury had been in the calendar for quite some time and I was certainly looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about...."
A Soupcon With Simpson
"This time we settled with The Ledbury which has been around for 9 years. Earlier this week it was ranked number 10 in the most recent World’s 50..."
Drifting Epicure
"Wow – what a meal. I would definitely recommend The Ledbury for a special occasion in London – the menu is constantly changing as well, and there..."
Ellen Ehrhardt Smith
"The Ledbury was fantastic. Most of the courses were pretty much perfect. It did lack a bit of extra sparkle that places like The Fat Duck, Noma &..."
Victoria “Mrs” Petticoat
"The Ledbury exceeded my expectations. I'd got to the stage where classical french was starting to bore me a little: same scenes, different stage. The..."
"Booked three months ago, this weekend was finally the one we had lunch with my flatmate at The Ledburry, the two Michelin stars restaurant situated..."
Jeanne-Marie B
"The Ledbury has quite a reputation. They hold two Michelin stars and were recently voted the world’s thirteenth best restaurant in a poll which saw..."
London Piggy
"This is my 7th visit to The Ledbury, the reason for me to keep returning is simple: For me, this double Michelin stars restaurant is the best in..."
Food And Drinks Noob
" The Sunday lunch menu offered is three courses for £50, which I think is a pretty good deal for the quality of food you get. The amuse-bouche was..."
" Not only were we happy because Graham attains extraordinary combinations of flavours while avoiding any infantile ostentation of techniques and..."
"Known across London as Zagat’s best restaurant and across the world as one of the top 20 San Pellegrino restaurants, The Ledbury was awarded **2..."
"If only all toast could taste as good as this, I’ll be a happy person eating toast every day. The toast was presented on a bark-like plate and..."
Ai Pheng Yeap
"In Buddhism, ignorance is what stops us from enlightenment. Every sense we have must be challenged. We must stop being ignorant. So lets eat. I have..."
Secret Temple
"Inside the decor is classy but simple. Wooden floors, celling to floor windows and bright white tablecloths.On Friday & Saturday nights only the..."
Food Geek
"Hype-trains are usually a one-way ticket to disappointment.  There’s a pitfall in human thinking that suggests that if you can gain the public’s..."
"All dishes we tried at the Ledbury were executed and presented beautifully and the restaurants ranking on the San Pellegrino list is well..."
"The Ledbury is worthy of all the accolades it’s had thrown at it. It can now add the accolade of the most superlative ridden review on this website..."
Gourmet Gorro
"I like a chef who looks after his customers. To the extent of coming out of the kitchen with a rolling-pin during a riot , even. And the chef in..."
The Food Judge
"Caramelised Banana Galette with Salted Caramel,Passion Fruit and Peanut Oil Parfait. What can go wrong with caramel passionfruit and peanut..."
"In my experience, this restaurant is as good as any in London. I have the feeling that it’s only going to get better. So go once and then keep..."
"Overall, Ledbury was what I’d define as the epitome of fine dining. Mind blowingly good food with friendly yet professional service. Yes, it was..."
London Tastin
"My main was the Loin and Shoulder of Salt Marsh Lamb with Aubergine Glazed with Miso. I will go as far to say this is the nicest Lamb dish I have..."
"This was possibly the best starter we had ever..."
"My favourite moment came when the sommelier directed me to the bathrooms with a gesture that can only be described as coming out of the High School..."
Richard Elliot
"A lunch at The Ledbury is one of life’s simple pleasures - 2 Michelin stars, 8th in the Sunday Times / Harden’s “Food List”, 9th in the UK..."
Hungry Hoss
"Lunch at The Ledbury was always going to be an occasion. The food is superb. I simply could not fault any of the dishes I chose from their Sunday..."
No Expert
"Every single dish was well-balanced, every combination well thought out, every plate beautifully presented and perfectly executed; there was not one..."
One Man's Meat...
"The dining experience from the fantastic service in a wonderful setting, the quiet, reserved, and classy ambience, topped by delicious food made for..."
"This two michelin star Notting Hill restaurant was an absolutely contemplative experience and worthy culinary highlight... soft like tofu – sings a..."
Al' The Picky EAter
"The Ledbury is our favourite restaurant in London and at this time of year, when it's game season, you know there's always going to be something..."
"The chef behind The Ledbury is Brett Graham, an Aussie and Philip Howard protégé, who in 2005 was tasked by the Howard/Platts-Martin team of..."
Nordic Nibbler
"All Aussies love a true ‘rise to fame’ story and Brett Graham’s rise from his Newcastle roots, to the chef owner of The Ledbury restaurant fits..."
"The Ledbury is tucked away in a quiet corner of Westbourne Grove, which a decade or so ago was better known for drug dealers than Michelin-starred..."
Andy Hayler
"The chef Brett Graham is only 30 years old and has accomplished 2 Michelin stars for his restaurant (for a more detailed description of the chef’s..."
"K and I returned to The Ledbury last Friday eveningand enjoyed a meal that fulfilled our very high..."
"Within a few weeks after we first moved to London 4 years ago, The Peanut Gallery was researching London restaurants for my birthday dinner. The man..."
Greedy Diva
"Tucked away in a quiet corner of Notting Hill, The Ledbury has been quietly accumulating culinary accolades ever since it opened back in 2005. Under..."
Gourmet Traveller
"ormally one to dive straight into a tasting menu (because more food = more good, right?), I studied the list and found a few courses I felt rather..."
"For a long time, I had wanted to eat at either The Square or The Ledbury, the two sister restaurants owned by Philip Howard and Nigel Platts-Martin...."
Laissez Fare
"Dining with me was my old buddy Ed and sister no 2 who was predictably late. As we sat at our table, waiting for her to turn up, we were starting to..."
"Even before being awarded the second star this year, The Ledbury has been a restaurant garnering many a compliment. I’ve had the pleasure of eating..."
Pig Pig's Corner
"The food was wonderful, with the mackerel and the deer dishes being particularly..."
"A special occasion meal in 2010, the venue surely a no brainer. The Ledbury , awarded 2 stars in Michelin's annual guide, was raved about by everyone..."
Laura Fitzpatrick
"It received a ‘rising star’ backslap from the Michelin man in January when they revised the red guide and is ear marked to hit two stars very..."
Kang L.
"‘Repeat visit’ week sees me travelling north west and braving the dastardly perils of the Hammersmith and sh*tty line to once again dine at the..."
"Some people - the irritating gits - are born over-achievers. Normally the CV and career path of chefs is of little interest to anyone other than the..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"As I was a little early to my lunchtime meeting at The Ledbury with an old friend, I dashed in looking for some respite from the cold. They seated me..."
"One of the most amazing food experiences, loved also the service, anyway Notting Hill has that magic that is difficult to find in any other area in..."
Edward Shamp
"For me food is an art and this restaurant was like going to an exhibition. In my opinion one of London's finest restaurant. I went for the tasting..."
"What: DinnerWhere: Notting HillValue: £100ppFood Review: To drink, a virgin mojito, too bad but did not stand out..."
Sober N Starving
"Located in the calm and pristine Notting hill neighbourhood, this place is a pleasurable experience if you order the 110 pounds tasting menu. The..."
Priyanka Acharya
"Considering my disappointment with other michelin star restaurants, can gladly say this one did not disappoint. Living up to the award and..."
Isobel Barnes
"This place turns out to be a paradise for seafood lovers. Almost each dish that i ordered was amazing and turned out to be better than the previous..."
Sebastian Field
"I had a rich experience at Ledburg and I'm so excited to share the same. They have probably one of the most well coordinated staff and they make sure..."
Corey Hayward
"This restaurant is absolutely fantastic. The service is impeccable. the food is sumptuous with more than generous portions. They do not charge you..."
Ryan Willis
"I have been to this place quite a lot times and has always had a delightful experience of dining out here each time. The food was alluring, enticing..."
Francesca Hunt
"I had a good experience at this place. We went ahead with ordering a set-menu. The food was delicious and absolutely delectable. All the dishes were..."
Jenson Reid
"I really had good English meal here. My meal was so good that I was not at all missing my family. I had cornish turbot and it was cooked very..."
Mahima Bahl
"This place is absolutely amazing and offers the best menu in the whole city. If you are short on cash then you might have to give this place a miss..."
 Harvey  Law
"We went to this restaurant a couple of weeks ago for lunch, and ordered a 3 course meal. The meal included an amuse-bouche and the yummiest bacon..."
 Isabella  Burrows
"This has to be one of my most loved restaurants in the world! I especially love their maintaining high standards consistently over along period of..."
Ryan Marsh
"This was an amazing lunch, and easily the best meal we had in the city. It is at par with some of the best restaurants of the world, and is simply..."
Vibhor Dhaliwal
"I have been wishing to go here for a while and I finally chose a special occasion to visit. This place did not let me down! The tasting menu was..."
 Florence  Fraser
"The choice to have our meal here turned out to be a good choice. The food tasted absolutely delicious and the staff was quite attentive all the time...."
Sebastian Francis
"I came to this place with a friend when I visited the city recently. We had heard a lot about this place, and I am glad that we were not..."
Adam Hayes
"I went there recently and tried mackerel as well as turnips. The mackerel had flavours that one can only hope for. The food was amazingly fresh and..."
Jessica Davies
"I have been wanting to try this place out for quite some time, but have never been able to make time. I was finally able to visit this place. They..."
Alexander Spencer
"Interiors of the place were quite great, service was prompt and efficient. But that's about it. The food is nothing to write about. Not at all..."
Elsie Price
"We had a dinner for two at this place. And even though we had a good time the dinner was pretty heavy on the pocket.The selection of dishes and..."
Angel Apte
"The Ledbury clearly exceeded my expectations. The previous week I had eaten at the Hipping Hall and the food there was incredible but it was even..."
Theo Simmons
"Went for a weekend lunch and was completely impressed with this place. The food was excellent and the drinks were pretty decent as well. On top of..."
Mia Johnson
"Came here first about year back and the food was wonderful, so was the service, and on returning now I found that they have improved as far as the..."
 Ella  Ashton
"The menu is quite an extensive one with a lot of healthy options to choose from. The quality of food was top notch and everything that I tried tasted..."
Varun Desai
"I only have nice things to say about this restaurant. It is very well-kept, and beautifully decorated. The culinary expertise of the chef is evident..."
 Joel  Noble
"Perfect! I came in February for hubby's birthday. The service was great, I was allowed to substitute dishes from the tasting menu, and we even got..."
Sam Harding
"Superb.This place deserves the second in this beautifully decorated French style dining room offering the best in a dining experience...."
"Located in the Heart of the memorable neighbourhood Nothing Hill you are going to find the Ledbury Restaurant.  The venue offer French, European and..."
Georgi MH
"I do love a good list; shopping lists, wish lists, Schindler's list; so you'll find me understandably giddy when the "Worlds 50 Best Restaurants" is..."
"Perhaps one of the few restaurants I have been so eager to go to in the UK is The Ledbury. Getting a booking in the Ledbury that suited the..."
Love And Limoncello
"The Ledbury is a fantastic place to dine fir a special occasion. Went for the tasting menu with matching wines which were all excellent. Staff is..."
"The 2 Michelin starred Ledbury is often considered as one of the best, if not the best, restaurant in London. Its head chef/patron is Brett Graham,..."
Wrap Your Lips Around This
"After a hot and exotic November spent in Thailand, December was rather dreary for me...over indulgence on holiday meant a healthy December and..."
SilverSpoon London
"I don't often venture far west, so when I do it's usually for something worthwhile. Lunch at The Ledbury was such an occasion, so on a rainy Friday..."
Matt The List
"Three words......Brett Graham genius!!! Best restaurant I've been too, the flavours, the service, the setting out of this..."
Luca Boarato
"Absolute bargain for the quality of food you get here, especially with the restaurant prices in London! Great service, great menu and such amazing..."
Anjana Menon
"What a difference a day makes. The other evening, I was eating a Monster Munch and processed-cheese sandwich. Exactly twenty-four hours later I am..."
Mike Dalley
"The Ledbury in Notting Hill is an exquisite dining venue in the heart of West London. It is an acclaimed restaurant with 2 Michelin stars under its..."
Munch My Way
"There were two menu options. The special lunch Menu at £45 or the Tasting Menu at £75, both available with matching wine. Such a tough choice,..."
No Expert
"----3rd September 2014----This meal began with a series of excellent nibbles. A cylinder of red mullet was wrapped in green apple, along..."
Andy Hayler
"Just about the best restaurant I've ever been to. Could not fault any element of The Ledbury offer. Unconditional recommendation, unashamedly..."
Mark Rogers
"A fantastic place for lunch. Great location and the staff really know their stuff, Brett Graham is a fine chef and some of his concoctions are..."
Alex Fenton
"Known across London as Zagat's best restaurant and across the world as one of the top 20 San Pellegrino restaurants, The Ledbury was awarded **2..."
"Awesome food! The starters are just too good not to forget the main course and dessert! A little expensive but being unlimited it's definitely worth..."
Malaika Arif
"One of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in. From the first courses to the desserts. Top of the ingredients. Perfect cooking. The service was..."
Hotel / Restaurant Connoisseur
"Took mother for a nice supper and your tiny little tavern the other day we split a glass of wine with our supper. The young man who served us is a..."
pagan wear
"I have been there twice and each is amazing experience. It is impossible to convince myself that it has only two Michelin stars. Three or more would..."
"This restaurant definitely lives up to its fame - a Michelin two starred. Upon entry, you’d already be attracted by its fancy decorations and..."
Jason Lin
"2 Michelin Stars. Worlds 50 Best Restaurants. Voted best restaurant by Zagat London. Welcome to follow me on..."
J. Yea
"Ambience is perfect for making your weekend a memorable one... Staff is polite and courteous.. Really loved the food.. Quality and quantity both were..."
Srabanti Mukherjee
"Never thought about spending this much on a dinner, but this was definitely an experience I felt was worth it. Couldn't book it at regular dinner..."
Janice Lee
Coya Mayfair
100/100 (7379 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
South American
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Patatas Bravas
Lamb chops
"We were here on a Friday night and absolutely loved it! The vibe, decor, everything. Drinks and tapas were amazing too. Thank you to Kinga for..."
Foodie Trails
"I am a vegetarian, yet enjoyed every bite of the food here! So glad I came here on my last day in London..."
Vinita Lal
"THE MOOD: A easy to reach location in Piccadilly and a little hidden away between two commercial properties so you may walk past without realisation..."
Jalpesh Thakrar
"Wow what an amazing meal! Loved it from starter to dessert. The restaurant has a great atmosphere and the food was so good. The Chilean sea bass..."
"Coyas food is amazing, the atmosphere is so chic especially in the private dining room, loved the live music and the staff was so helpfull and..."
Dzeneta Manny
"I’ve come late to the Coya bandwagon. When the first London outpost opened a coupla years ago – and Nikkei/Peruvian cuisine started being a trend..."
The Girl Next Shore
"Great foods,lovely flavour and a relaxed vibe. Its a different feel from what i'm used to. Not typical restaurant style. Coya has low chairs and..."
Muriel Soriano
"What a place. it is a great place for a great food. Ist time had peruvian food. Was really surprised by the variety of vegetarian options. the wild..."
Rakesh Damani
"WoW!!! Although I'm not that into Peruvian Cuisine but this one just blew my mind away. From the ambience to the service to the food taste and..."
Dheeraj M. Tolanii
"Coya Mayfair is a gem. Inventive food, efficient and well-informed service and beautiful ambiance with delicate lighting and acoutics and an eclectic..."
Michaela Baxter
" A big fan of Peruvian food , had to end my london trip with a lunch at coya , i think the london branch is the best branch.Service was also..."
"My Peruvian food-cherry was popped at Coya and no place compares! From delicious ceviches to tender chicken to a formidable wine list, Coya provides..."
Divya K B
"So this is my final London restaurant review until next year. I can't quite believe it to be honest, it still feels as though I'm in a dream world. I..."
Lux Life
"Amazing Peruvian place to definitely try out when in London. Great service, very nice ambiance, professional service and exquisite food. We..."
Christine H
"The food is amazing in this place. Truly special place. The atmosphere is great, the interior is nice. Spread over 2 floors this restaurant has..."
Jacob Force
"The quantity is too less for the price. But food is exceptionally good for non veg but not veg. For began dishes are limited tasty but not out of the..."
"Beers, they not the usual type of poison I tend to go for. Over the years I started to acquire a taste for them. I love light beers like Asahi or..."
The Food Connoisseur
"Have you ever visited a restaurant that has rocketed into your favourites on the premise of one stand-alone visit?  Well, I hadn’t until last..."
"We went there for dinner a few weeks ago. Very chic and authentic place where you can eat gourmet Peruvian food while enjoying a nice vibrant..."
Lana Cooper
"Great place! Very good food that come in small portioned dishes! A little bit expensive but you get what you pay for! Love the atmosphere and its..."
"Coya is a nice change from other restaurants. A South American fusion refined food. Fresh ingredients, nice atmosphere and definitely nice cocktails...."
G. Elias
"We decided today that we're gonna pass by Coya for lunch after hearing that they changed the menu from Asian to Peruvian. The new theme is latino..."
Mohammad Al Shamsi
"Coya must be one of the hardest places in London to book a table for dinner on a weekend... I know this, because I've tried to come here for dinner..."
Alexandra C
"Went out with a business dinner on a weeknight, the place was full and the a place was quite busy and akin to a lounge rather than a place for some..."
Akshat Ruia
"I’ve made some great friends through blogging and I’ve got to know Lauren really well in the past few months. In fact we’ve got so close that..."
SilverSpoon London
"Nice ambiance, nice music, good service, and good food! I have to mention that the food is great however, it is a bit heavy! The cocktails are great..."
Nay Mouawad Rahme
"Cast your mind back a few weeks... Halloween weekend was a busy little shindig for me. When I wasn't dressed up as either Catwoman or a vampire queen..."
"In our quest to constantly try what’s new without having to leave the W1 postcodes, Peruvian cuisine has recently been given the London..."
The Hungry Porker
"I was recommended to check out this restaurant, but was rather skeptical since I'd had never tried Peruvian food before. However, my experience there..."
"I recently discovered this restaurant and it has got to be one of the best restaurants in London. Already when coming down the stairs, you feel the..."
"Great atmosphere, delicious Peru food and hilarious people for sure. We ate lots of things but the best one was spicy beef because of their special..."
Yusuf Ölmez
"Love the food and the atmosphere, especially if you go with a group.Been to their white party last year, the whole place was covered with..."
"We had our hotel to book for us, unfortunately they didn't find us a table in the main dinning area so we were seated in the bar area. The seats were..."
Amer Abousalem
"Excellent food. The starters quinoa salad, beans with lettuce, mushroom skewers, goat cheese salad, veg tacos. The C skewers and wings very good...."
"Exceptional!!! A must visit for everyone in London. One of the 3 restaurants globally, the Peruvian food here is to die for.A great..."
Ankit Agarwal
"So I heard rumours that there was a fantastic place near Green Park.  So I just had to investigate things for myself. Not the usual type of food..."
Quiet Eating
"I’ve been to Coya before. Situated in what could in the wrong hands have felt like a cavernous basement, the Peruvian restaurant has been carefully..."
"Great food and amazing friendly service. Must admit that I'm a novice at Peruvian food, but the flavors were innovative and all dishes excellent...."
Shreevats Jaipuria
"Tuna tartar tacos with yuzu and the smallest dollop of mayo was my favourite dish of the day. And I think that they are the ideal way of eating 'junk..."
SilverSpoon London
"Fantastic. I went for sunday brunch with a group of friends, and I'd highly recommend a visit. For start the brunch menu is an absolute steal at..."
Sarah Bailey
"I took a bite of the prawn tempura and was bland, but we are at a peruvian and not japanese place so I am not surprisedSalmon with cucumber..."
" The kitchen counter is like the sushi bars you’d find in Japanese restaurants and it looked similar to the one at Zuma with large bowls of lemons..."
London Tastin
" As you walk through the heavy front door on Piccadilly, you are greeted by a spectacular chandelier lighting your way down the stairs to the bar and..."
"My server was sweet and attentive, the food — the ceviche in particular — was sharp and bright, and the vibe was so very very bossanova..."
"Nice peruian restaurant. Ceviches very nice. Dont forget to have pisco sour as predinner. Seabass from robata grill very ju8cy and delicious...."
Cantekin Kesmen
"The food here was beautiful the portions were excellent they had all vast array of dishes which were all equally unusual and I loved the Quinoa and..."
Parisa Kelly
"As a Latino lady myself, I am always down to sample a South American dish. When put alongside some girlfriends who are always partial to a bit of..."
Ali V
"Coya is in my list of the most unique restaurants in London. Coya is located in Mayfair and they serve Latin American and Peruvian food.The..."
Isha Kapur
"Coya is one of the most original and unique places I've been to in London. I had never heard of Peruvian food prior to having heard so much about..."
Nabila Hakam
"Coya is a great venue located in the Mayfair area with closest tube station- Hyde Park Corner. The cuisine in the restaurant is Peruvan, Latin..."
Georgi MH
"I had the best dining experience by far at this place. The food that we ordered was beautifully presented on our table and extremely delectable..."
Rhys Goodwin
"The atmosphere here is very lively and buzzing with people. The staff here is very quick, efficient and knowledgeable about the menu. They are also..."
Alice Turner
"This was our fist visit to this restaurant serving peruvian cuisine. The food is incredible. Flavors are used interestingly to create innovative..."
Raunak Gandhi
"Every dish here is very unique, innovative and like no other dish you have taste. Each bite is full of flavour and innovation. The menu is very..."
Connor Reed
"The place offers authentic Peruvian cuisine and it was the first time we were visiting it. The menu is quite extensive and offers a variety of dishes..."
Ewan Hancock
"I have been to this place quite a few times. Our last visit was pretty decent as well with w few glitches. The food was excellent and had wonderful..."
 Mason  Flynn
"The place is wonderful and offer some really good food , and at great prices . The food was freshly prepared , and cooked to perfection . The stares..."
Raj Chokshi
"The place has extensive menu and interesting choices. EACH dish is incredibly flavorsome, the ingredients and spices uplift the dish to a new level!..."
Joseph West
"This is now my new favorite restaurant in this city. The staff at this place is very charming and pleasing. They are ready to help you promptly at..."
Matthew Jordan
"The restaurant is the new hot favorite in the neighborhood. The food is delicious and the service is impeccable. The ambiance is also cool and modern..."
Harley Stokes
"When in London you absolutely must visit this place. It has become my all time favourite and I recommend it to all my friends who go to London. I..."
Soham Din
"Everything from food to decor to their service was in sync with each other and perfect. To begin with, they make some really good and refreshing..."
Bailey Heath
"To begin with, Atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing, however, bar area is better than restaurant. Coming to service, incredibly welcoming,..."
Lilly Baker
"We were a group of five people and we happened to visit this restaurant for dinner a couple of weeks ago. I'm not a big fan of Peruvian food, but..."
Henry Austin
"In my opinion ,this is a gem of a place.The interiors are lovely and divided in two sections, the ground floor pretty casual and the upstairs..."
George Gordon
"The restaurant offers a sweet amalgamation of both Eastern and Western cuisine. The menu is unique and innovative. The dishes are delicious and..."
Mason Ball
"I visited this upscale place recently and was quite impressed with it. The food was excellent, perfectly cooked and had wonderful flavour to it. The..."
Logan Burton
"This restaurant has both lounge bar that has a pretty snack menu as well as a private lounge for members. We were their in the lounge, atmosphere was..."
Rakesh Comar
"I visited Coya a couple of days back. Located very next to the Green Park makes it very reachable and convenient. It possesses a very exquisite decor..."
Lucas Dawson
"Being a peruvian i am not too much into japanese cuisine and often find most dishes bland for my taste buds. However, went with someone and we..."
Ellie Phillips
"This dramatic Peruvian feeling restaurant is very theatrical in appeal. With a stunning colour scheme, this restaurant is very attractive in..."
Tyler Read
"Wonderful food here , the best I have had actually . The starters were mind blowing , everything so [perfect , the drinks served chilled , and all..."
Jessica Davies
"This restaurant captures the South American cuisine and the feel very appropriately ,in fact the interiors are very energetic and chilled out too...."
Sakshi Bahri
"I would not go on writing about the menu and their price here because you can anyway find that on zomato. This place is amazing and has a lot to..."
Archie Pearce
"Coya is one of the most lavish restaurant Ive been to in a while! The food here is extremely different to what you mostly get in restaurants around..."
Devika Lal
"Coya is one of my favourite restaurants that serves the most unique food. I absolutely love the corn salad here, and I'm not a big salad fan, so that..."
Amar Sehgal
"The Halal: A huge selection of seafood and vegetarian dishes but the meat and poultry are not halal. Pork and alcohol are served at..."
"This restaurant is a MUST!! It is well located, near Green Park, park lane… Very professional welcome and perfectly presented food. Each dish comes..."
"To start with, we tried both the Quinoa and Corn salads, which were brilliant. What is particularly remarkable at Coya are the “Arroz Nikkei”..."
Karan Gupta
"Our dinner at Coya was superbly awesome! I’ll be honest, I went expecting it to be a bit over-hyped, possible pretentious and terribly expensive...."
Gin Fizz Girl
"Amazing food ! Brilliant atmosphere& superb service! A memorable dining experience which we will remember for a long..."
Girija Jain
"What a fun night! This place is still as popular as when it opened, over a year ago, and I can see why. They've got it quite right here, plenty of..."
Anuradha Bhatnagar
"What I love most about living in London is exploring the vibrant cultures and cuisines from around the world. The culinary scene over here is..."
Hungry Aphrodite
"Good ambience. Good variety in dishes. Good service. Desserts..."
DrKunal Dhamesha
"great service and amazing food. Loved everything about this..."
"This is one of my favourite restaurants. Great drinks (try the pisco!) and even better food. Love the atmosphere. Coya is nice both if you want..."
Bar Esteban
100/100 (1257 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Patatas Bravas
"We love Bar Esteban food is divine, lovely decor and ambience. Super staff:) One of our favourite places in CE. P.S It's always packed so reserve..."
Joanna Bilik
"Great food 🥘!!! Recomendado 💯% El Chorizo con lentejas..."
Pabs CB
"Lovely food. Good service and nice atmosphere. Will definitely be going..."
Melanie Hubble
"Lovely customer service, great food and value! We enjoyed a lot tonight! I wish they have a squid ink paella next..."
Ayumi Oi-Morton
"Fantastic food, service & atmosphere. One tiny criticism...chairs uncomfortable. I live in Kent but hope to visit again in not too distant..."
Hilary Moseley
"The place was packed and buzzing with conversations when we arrived. The staff were friendly and didn't rush us. Food was excellent as was the..."
Meryl Vincenzo
"2nd time at Bar Esteban & the food was absolutely DELICIOUS! We had jamon croquetas, jamon Serrano, baked eggs with chorizo, sobressada with honey..."
Chiara Lancia
"Popped in for a spot of lunch and I was very impressed with the service and the food was well priced, delicious and perfectly portioned. Baked Eggs..."
James Aloysius Shanks
"Great Spanish food the crispy pork is great and every choice of tapas is fantastic will come back again for..."
Diana Mercedes Barcenas Kalsi
"Love this place. Delicious, fresh tapas; friendly, helpful staff, & a lovely vibe. It has a good wine list as well. And they keep a certain number of..."
Tom Koenig
"Edgy, attractive Spaniards, friendly and tasty food are what springs to mind when thinking about Bar Esteban. The menu is varied, and features both..."
Dinner With Jo
"Fantastic tapas and friendly staff. From tortilla to the segovian pig it's all..."
Nick Taylor
The Winter Garden
100/100 (5380 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Fish & Chips
Roast Beef
"Amazing place in London. I love the food. can’t wait to come back here again. Congratulations to the..."
"Landmark Hotel - Winter GardenDate of Visit: 16.09.17Time: 4pmReview:A short 7min walk from Baker St station and..."
Jalpesh Thakrar
"I've always wanted to visit The Landmark Hotel after admiring some beautiful images of the stunning architecture, so what better time and excuse to..."
Felicia Tan
"Champagne Sunday brunch - fabulous. Great range of fresh and interesting dishes to suit everyone. Truely unlimited champagne. Fois gras terrine, that..."
Sarah Bailey
"Overall, the food, service and ambiance was brilliant. The setting is quite unique for London so would be a great choice for a special occasion...."
Memoirs Of A Metro Girl
"We decided o a treat during our trip in August. Champagne Brunch at the Landmark Hotel was just the ticket. By booking something like this - I'm..."
"It’s not everyday that we get the opportunity to spend time somewhere as luxurious as The Landmark London but today is an exception and we are..."
Foodie Explorers
"The Winter Gardensits in the centre of the Landmark Hotel, surrounded by palm trees that givediners privacy and remove them from the..."
Ali V
"I’ve no idea where this obsession has come from all of a sudden – but right now I just can’t get enough of afternoon tea. The idea of an..."
"The best Afternoon Tea I have had in London.Everything was great. I loved the variety of different pastries and savories. It was well presented..."
Sofia Batth
"My friends gave me a surprise birthday dinner at winter garden and everything was great. The location, ambience and service was really good. We opted..."
Clara Patricia
"Really nice place in a great location! It'd absolutely brilliant right in the English countryside, and the food is good too. O am very impressed,..."
"Great breakfast in a great location. You really feel like you're in a 5 star hotel (which you are!) and it's everything you would want or..."
Oliver Ingram
"Located in the Heart of London this venue offer you the typical British aristocratic, cozy atmosphere. The Winter Garden Restaurant and Bar is..."
Georgi MH
"This is a very casual place to celebrate a special occasion at. We went here to celebrate someone's eightieth birthday and found the staff to be very..."
Anisha Anthony
"If you are looking for a good place to go for breakfast then this is just the right place that you should go to. You can eat one of your favourite..."
 Annabelle  Wall
"My spouse and I loved the time we spent at this restaurant. The ambiance was quite average though. However, the staff was very efficient and..."
 Arthur  Giles
"I recently tried this place for some tea experience and I loved it totally. The quality of tea was amazing with wonderful flavours to it. The food..."
 Mason  Flynn
"The moment we entered this place, we were seated at a table. The view was very spectacular from our table. The menu was very varied and extensive...."
Amit Chhabra
"I'm a regular at this place , and have never been disappointed , one reason I always come back . The food is great , good quality , and well..."
Robert Hopkins
"I would come here very often had it not been for the high prices and the tiny portions of the food. the desserts are to die for. The atmosphere is..."
Tyler Armstrong
"Visited this place for an afternoon tea and had a splendid time here. To begin with, the tea menu expensive but definitely worth the high quality and..."
 Luca  Waters
"I have had the opportunity of having lunch at the restaurant and was very glad at the experience. The restaurant is perfect for a sunny afternoon and..."
Corey Hayward
"The location of this place makes you feel that you have been transported to a fairy tale land. The place is magnificent and you could visit for a..."
Albert O'connor
"The location of this restaurant is pretty class and gorgeous. I really suggest people check out the place for the awesome view. I really like the..."
Finlay Nash
"For those people who can't control their sugar cravings, this place is absolute heaven in all its glory .There is a lot of variety in desserts..."
Anjali Ahluwalia
"I usually go there on Sunday for lunch. They serve really good buffet consisting a lot of healthy options to choose from. The champagne served in..."
 Edward  Warner
"This place is very well known around the city and is a flagship restaurant. The financial conferences are held at this place. Residing in the..."
Aaron Frost
"GORGEOUS !!When I entered the place, I was impressed by the space and its luminosity. Also, I was very excited. Our table was beautiful and..."
Corinna Rombi
"Good service, great scones & finger sandwiches for teatime amidst a striking..."
"Really good place to hold an event or gathering. Always a lot of light and good food and drink availableWe went here for a post wedding tea..."
Pulkit Gambhir
"My Review here is not for the Winter garden, but on The Landmark on the whole.I had my Graduation Ceremony here in 2010, Just loved it...."
Vipul Sood
"The Champagne brunch in the Winter Garden at The Landmark Hotel is just too good to resist. It's 3 hours of non stop champagne and access to an..."
No Expert
"I have been to the winter garden in Landmark for lunch and afternoon tea and I must say it has never ceased to impress me. The service is so..."
"The best hotel in London! The most amazing winter garden with an unique design. We went for lunch and we were so impressed by the atmosphere, the..."
Anca Capotescu
"One of my favourite restaurants in London. The food is delightful, reasonably priced and the staff are friendly. The atmosphere is fantastic..."
Megan Doherty
"One of my favourite place to eat. The space beneath a stunning eight storey glass roof atrium. A dining experience like no other with a peaceful..."
Juraj Bobak
"Very nice lunch, very good food and lovely staff! We enjoyed this moment, we liked the restaurant, decoration, and this attention at the end of lunch..."
"Everyone is very quiet at this restaurant, I prefer the more electric style in a restaurant. The food was okay nothing crazy but wasn’t bad at all...."
"Amazing experience! The food was perfect, the presentation and ambience were gorgeous and my waiters Andrei and Maria were very professional and..."
Victoria Gino
"A beautiful venue with highly attentive staff. My dinner choice was simply delicious. Started with King Prawn cocktail which included avocado..."
Hardeep Parmar
100/100 (1353 ratings)
"On Fridays between 5-8pm it's Happy Hour so you can get 2 of the same cocktails for £10! Great for when you're in even numbers or fancy an extra..."
"Bar Fifty Five is a pretty run of the mill cocktail bar on the surface, but it's slightly ahead of the competition when it really comes down to it...."
Joseph Frost
"Great cocktails, love the happy hour. Pineapple and sage margarita is incredible. Only complaint would be that the music’s quite loud in the middle..."
Rebecca M
"Really nice chilled bar. Great happy hour on cocktails. Wanted to check out a few bars in the area but enjoyed the atmosphere and music so much we..."
Matthew Box
"An amazing cocktail bar. Went in at about 11 on a Tuesday night. It was pretty quiet but still had a brilliant atmosphere. The bar staff were amazing..."
Mark Cunningham
"I always visit this bar when i'm in London. The staff are great and the cocktail list is amazing, something for everyone! It is pricey but just make..."
"Inventive cocktails, went at happy hour and their 2 for £10 offer was great! Loved the atmosphere as well, didn't get too crowded at first. I'm a..."
Anoushka Bhatt
"Delicious cocktails! Happy hour is fantastic. The staff are so friendly even at their busiest times! Definitely will be one of my favourite hangouts..."
Michele Wilson
"Good cocktails. Happy hour time is definitely worth it. Kitchen was down last time I went but the staff had no issue with bringing in food from..."
Rob H
100/100 (10180 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Surf And Turf
Mac and cheese
Porterhouse Steak
Foie gras
Filet Mignon
"The best aged meat ever one of the rare places where you can enjoy a really nice atmosphere and amazing service from a really trained staff bravo..."
Rami Halawani
"While looking for best steak places around Piccadilly circus we stumbled upon this place! And it was worth!!!Pls Note - Reservation is..."
Prajakta Navandar
"One of the best stakes in Town. Responsibly sourced cuts. Make sure you have the shrimp for starters. The truffle chips are excellent. Do not leave..."
Mohamed Shanil
"The steak was cooked perfectly, the waiters are super friendly and attentive, and the place is perfect for friends outings, family gatherings, and..."
"I was very pleased with the service, the waiters are very friendly and not stuck up unlike some places i have been to of a similar price. They..."
Namrata Verma
"After days of waiting to get a seat in there, I was amused by the high quality food and astounding service. Before jumping into the review, a huge..."
Mohammad Al Shamsi
"The best place to have steak at in London is here. They display the meats for you to choose from including wagyu and different types of meat. The..."
"Tender, tasty meats. Different cuts available. Staff will explain differences and recommend. Good wine selection. Recommended for meat lovers...."
Francisco Sanches
"The meat quality was just amazing, I had the smallest portion of fillet but still couldn't finish it. The receptionists were almost absent-minded..."
"We went into Goodman Mayfair on the Monday of our wedding week - it was intended as a quiet little date night before the madness ensued, and I..."
Feeding Franklin
"HAWKSMOOR IS BETTER! Actually Goodman is a really decent steak but definitely not even close to Hawksmoor. If you are betweem one of the two, do..."
Chris Nikolaou
"A culinary education!. Service outstanding. Server took a lot of time and patience clearly explaining the different types of steaks, listened to our..."
"We liked. Especially the chips – three different kinds. I had a six hour lunch here, only curtailed by the fact that I had dinner somewhere else...."
The Food Judge
"A great steak. I really enjoyed eating at Goodman (Mayfair) for a few reasons. Firstly the restaurant had a great vibe, secondly the service was..."
"Dying to go back. We can't stop raving about Goodman. Everything was absolutely positively delicious _ the meat was top notch (and loved how they..."
"Carnivorous Heaven. Finally got to Goodmans last night. Well worth the wait. We skipped starters - well, why use up valuable tummy space when you..."
Helen B
"A gastronomic pub done by a top notch chef. Amazing food an service with very reasonable..."
David Wiggins
"Better than Vadis or Hawksmoor?. Having been talking to friends about steak the other night, they said I hadn’t tried steak until I had been to Quo..."
King Of Meat
"Overall the food was solid, but didn’t quite live up to the £70 per head price tag. What made me forgive this though, was the service, which was..."
The Hungry Porker
"For a long time, I've been excited to let myself explore the London food scene in terms of its basic foundations. What good is it if the fine-dining..."
Kojo London
"GOODMAN STEAKHOUSE If what you’re after is a New York style steak, then Goodman Steakhouse is the place to go. In all my years in London I have..."
"The soft seeded brioche is flush with the circumference of the patty. It all stacks to create a shimmering, majestic block as high as it is wide,..."
"Whilst Goodman Mayfair may mimic a NY steak joint, I'm wondering how many of those have a steady stream of diners descending to the meat locker to..."
Jax Roe
"We both plumped for the Scottish grass fed fillets, 250g apiece. One side of chips on the waiter's advice, and a bowl of creamed spinach with..."
Alex Humpage
"This is good, straightforward food. I mentioned to the waiter that the ratio of men to women was about 9:1 and he said that in the evenings that was..."
"If you've ever read a London-based food blog before, you'll know all about Goodman, with their hamburger in particular garnering a lot of praise from..."
Ibrahim Salha
"An unstoppable urge for steak meant that none of the starters were going to get a look in unfortunately. Had I paused for a moment to see beyond the..."
"Now this is a real American style burger. Dense and sweet pink meat kept its moisture under the crisp charred exterior and a minimum of extraneous..."
Grumbling Gourmet
"This was definitely the best steak I have eaten since leaving Argentina at the end of February 2010. Even the steaks at Garufa, BuenAyre, Hinds Head..."
"I almost did not bother to answer, thinking the affirmation so obvious that I could just turn up. In any case, my tardiness in reporting back on the..."
Greedy Diva
"(N)ot for the faint-hearted, but if you are a burger fan I’d urge you to head over to Goodman to sample John’s epic tribute to the all-American..."
Gourmet Traveller
"We know for example that you started with the pâté, chicken liver & foie gras w/onion jam & brioche toast and that you moaned about the lack of..."
Mr Noodles
"Once you walk through the door at Goodman, you first wonder if you have suddenly inadvertently walked into a memeber’s only men’s..."
Mathilde's Cuisine
"Disclaimer: If you're a vegetarian, look away now. Oh wait, crap, I already posted three photos of the meat we had at Goodman Restaurant above, but..."
"A recent trip to New York made me open eyes to how seriously some people take meat. Burgers and steak are two of the lifeblood which seem to keep the..."
"For some reason I decided to check out Twitter on Monday morning and stumbled across a tweet from Simon of Dos Hermanos , who was advertising a spare..."
"Many a blogger had covered this steakhouse already, so I’ll make this review relatively brief, but basically since so many people agree that..."
Pig Pig's Corner
"In search of the best steak in London I felt that it was high time I visited Goodman , Mayfair. I was in a bit of a quandry, would it be burger or..."
Laura Fitzpatrick
"Steak Steak Steak - yes, there's a new Steakhouse in town and it has Russian roots. Nip over to Russia and chances are you'll come across one of..."
Piers Heaton-Armstrong
"I like steakhouses. They are great for mea(e)ting up with mates being a halfway house between a restaurant and a pub - plus food is uncomplicated..."
Kang L.
"The Background: Everyone has already blogged about Goodman's. You should go read their posts. And then come back and look at my pictures. (This is..."
"Let's get the elephant in the room out of the way before we go any further. Goodman, although it pains me to my very soul to say it, is better than..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"Went for Friday lunch so was expecting it to be busy. Walked in after a struggle with the front door which was stuck and no one inside thought about..."
Jalpesh Thakrar
"Best steak I've had in Lonfon so far. Lovely atmosphere, interior all wood and leather makes for a comfortable setting. Sat at the bar as we were a..."
Sarah Bailey
"My boyfriend was recently given a £200 gift from work to spend at a restaurant of his choice, as a reward for some great feedback. I'm not sure that..."
"Goodman’s continues to prosper by the tried and tested formula of offering high quality meat to the carnivorous. The dining room is a little on the..."
Andy Hayler
"You want steak? You CRAVE real STEAK? There is only one answer and that is Goodman. Take this from an American who has eaten his weight in steaks..."
Chow Hound
"Goodman found that we just seek: an excellent quality meat, cooked to perfection, which reminded me in some ways the chain of Morton Steak Houses in..."
Edward L Pz
"The service is impeccable and I would recommend this restaurant purely based on that alone, it made the experience amazingly enjoyable and the..."
Anil Bali
"Went to Goodman yesterday for the first time and thought it was fantastic for a great steak at a decent price. The staff were lovely and the set up..."
Graham Day
"Never fails to satisfy our expectations! The service is always great, with clear explanations for the meats available to order and a general friendly..."
"One of my favourite steak restaurants. I've been a couple of times before for dinner but on this occasion I booked last minute for late afternoon..."
Aakrati Gautam
"Excellent place for steak lovers. Food is cooked nearly to perfection. Superb service, very friendly staff. I love this place. Lovely wine..."
Tomasz Cech
"Beautiful food, brilliant staff- would strongly recommend! I booked a table on a Saturday night for my partner's birthday. When we arrived, they..."
"Had lunch their today and I can say their steak is one of the best you can have in London, we had sirloin steak, chips and mac and cheese all was so..."
Lubna SA
"Classic decor of a steakhouse. A bit dull. Good service but lacked the personal touch. Waiter was doing his duty. That’s all. We came here mainly..."
Habib Al Mulla
"Probably the best Rib-Eye Steak I've ever had! Everything about Goodman is pure class, from the incredibly warm and friendly reception to the..."
Daniel H
Ristorante Carola
100/100 (5203 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
"From start to finish, an exceptional experience! Warm welcome from the owners on arrival, and then when we were seated they gave us just the right..."
David Hover
"I have visited this restaurant twice and both times have been amazing. Really friendly staff, delicious and generous portions and well priced...."
Alicia Masson
"Cant speak of this restaurant highly enough. The food is outstanding. So much more than just pizza n pasta. The home made Tiramisu my wife had was..."
Tim Mountain
"Lovely Italian restaurant. We have been a few times and we have always enjoyed it. They have adapted the floor space due to covid19. Good space..."
Michael Mclaughlin
"Great food and friendly staff. Enjoyed the little biscuits they gave me with the takeaway too. The food is better than the outside of the restaurant..."
Jocelyn Dickinson
"This place is divine! Lovely food, top staff with a nice welcoming feeling. I'd recommend this place to anyone. Lots of variety on the menu. A lovely..."
James Skinner
"Amazing food, great service; all of the staff are super friendly. So accommodating and have had family parties previously in the restaurant which..."
Pete Burns
"Lovely meal as usual. The lamb was so good and cooked..."
Alice Thompson
"Best restaurant. Very nice staff, delicious..."
Kristóf Szabó-Strell
The Park Room
100/100 (1907 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
"Amazing place in London. I love the food. can’t wait to come back here again. Congratulations to the..."
"A really beautiful, perfectly clean venue for afternoon tea. With relaxing, romantic live music from a pianist setting the scene. Excellent service..."
Gone Sun Where
"Came here to try their cheesecake, one of the best cheesecake i ever tried, recommending this. Coffee was average.Staff were friendly and..."
"Who invented Afternoon Tea?  No one really knows, but one legend is that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford found that dining late in the evening..."
"Who invented Afternoon Tea?  No one really knows, but one legend is that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford found that dining late in the evening..."
"Fancy thought it may seem, afternoon tea is a birthday tradition in my family. I have visited several London establishments to dine on copious..."
Ellie Mathews
"Paul A Young Chocolate Afternoon Tea at Park Room and Library, Grosvenor HouseJust a few weeks ago, when I heard about this chocolate..."
Why Waste Annual Leave?
"Fabulous afternoon tea experience! This was my first afternoon tea experience and I absolutely loved it! The venue is impeccable, the ambiance is..."
Mimi Sheree
"Beautiful experience and location for afternoon tea! Highly recommend. Food was tasty and the teas were very..."
Snick D
"For me, definitely the place for an afternoon tea. A bit to the expensive side, but with a 5 star service and worth every penny. Remember ... Have a..."
Pedro Brazão de Castro
"The afternoon tea is excellent from the food to the service. I appreciated the fact that they were child friendly and very welcoming. And this scone..."
Mark Birch
"Delightful unrushed afternoon tea, excellent traditional and also open sandwiches, scones with choice of jams, and petit cakes. Choice of leaf teas..."
Sandy Middlemas
"Loved the experience and the place. There is live piano, and the Food is really..."
Lou Velasco
Cassio Restaurant
100/100 (720 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"I went there with some friends, we had pizza and pasta with sea food, I must admit I was deliciously surprised about the quality, very good quality..."
Erika Calcinotto
"The best Italian restaurant in the south! Right at the bottom of our street & wouldn't go anywhere else. Can't fault the starters, main or dessert..."
Amy Andrews
"Been going to this restaurant for over 4 years, This is mine and the Missis favourite restaurant to eat. The food and service is out of this world..."
Dean Blessed
"Great food and staff good atmosphere and well worth a visit fantastic value. Will be..."
June Tanner
"I returned here after a ten year absence (nothing to do with the food - we just moved out of London!) and it feels just as good as it always did! The..."
Nick Harrington
"Food is fantastic, service is fantastic, lovely warm atmosphere. You really couldn't ask for more, only wish I could rate higher than 5..."
Patrick Guilfoyle
"Very cozy, friendly and very relaxed. Fantastic service and great food. Wonderful experience all..."
Carlos Castello
"Had an amazing afternoon with my friends , great food , amazing and friendly staff . Will be back for sure..."
Ng Pinto
"Italian Cuisine Doesn't Get Any Better In London Then Cassio.... Unless Your In 🇮🇹 Great Atmosphere, Staff Are Friendly And Menu Is Amazing!!..."
M JC Cooper
"amazing food and very friendly and professional staff. Thank you for the nice evening!..."
Claudia Derfuß
"Fabulous food, great atmosphere and brilliant..."
Brian McKay
"Brilliant fresh food, and very generous portions, really was first..."
Richard Sweet
"Amazing, really nice restaurant to go , nice atmosphere, nice staff and most importantly nice..."
Claudia Silva
"It's all about the food, wine and great staff that make this little gem..."
Craig Richmond
"This local gem really is a great find. From it’s unimposing front, Cassio warmly welcomes you from the front door, to seat you in one of their cosy..."
"The gambas starter was great but at £9 not cheap! The scallapino veal was very good & so was the duck - but the vegetables were a little overcooked...."
"Best meal ever!. Me and my family had a perfect meal. The service was outstanding comparing to other restaurants around Tooting and Balham. I had a..."
Meat Eater
"Very good. I don't normally write reviews, especially about food, but the meal I had in Numero Uno last night compelled me to join this website and..."
"Italian food done well. Popped in mid week and it was a quarter full. I use to live off the Northcote for a couple of years, so visited their..."
Andrew L
"Really enjoyed the veal!! we had a lovely waitress and the food was..."
Ruth Dwebeng
"Pasta especially is 5 stars. 2nd time visiting and will be back..."
Erica Bewsey
"Generous portion of fresh crab pasta was delicious for our mains. Starters let us down slightly- the scallops were slightly overcooked. Lovely space..."
Jacqueline Ho
"The seafood was very fresh and tasty. I can recommend as an Italian that the meal is authentic italian style! Swift and kind service..."
Roberto P
"The best Italian around. The food is exceptionally good and the staff are..."
Jordan Royce-hall
"Great food; pizza, pasta and antipasta are all excellent. Friendly and prompt service. Unsurprisingly popular so book in advance on popular days,..."
Mark Kettle
Il Portico
100/100 (2461 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
"Been here a couple of times now, and the food and service has been excellent. One of my top 3 Italian restaurants in..."
Il Mangione
"My favourite Italian restaurant :-)). This is one of my favourite restaurants in London. It feels so comfortable and homely. James and Francesca..."
"Was my favorite Italian when I loved in London. Family run and it shows. Become a..."
"Have been going here for nearly 20 years... Great food, friendly staff but has become a tad pricey..."
Loves Food In London
"Perfect place for an evening out. If you are interested in impeccable service, wonderful food, a warm atmosphere and a lovely evening, this is the..."
Amy Stef
"Best italian restaurant I have tried so far in London. Traditional dishes with a twist. Great staff. A bit pricy but worth..."
"Has to be the best Italian restaurant in London. We come here over and over again and are NEVER disappointed. Food excellent, traditional atmosphere..."
Anthony Wilter
"Having stuffed myself with pasta for a year living in Rome, I am a tough critic when it comes to Italian food. In Il Portico I can just about imagine..."
Camilla K
"A great place, atmosphere and lovely staff. Considering the current situation we are in the safety measures was on point and kept us in harmony. The..."
james turner
"Good Italian restaurant with the look and feel of your local family friendly Italian. The service is really good and the food is also good. The wine..."
Luiz Villar
"Cosy family run Italian. Spaghetti vongole was exemplary. The lobster linguine also fantastic. 5/5 for the food and service, though the table..."
Tim Proctor
"A cosy little restaurant with great staff on hand. The food is fantastic, rich Italian..."
Philip Abraham
"The best Italian cousin in..."
BloomsArt Silk Floral Decor
"Awesome little place, family owned. Their food is great and their drink glasses are always full (unlike some other restaurants where they hardly fill..."
Carla Srea
"Delicious dinner! Thank you James and the whole..."
Andrea Sinclair
"The food was delicious and the service excellent. It's a lovely family run..."
Sylvia Mas
Flat Iron Square
100/100 (3217 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Fast Food
Vegetarian Friendly
"Really nice food venues especially Baz& Fred Pizza's, gorgeous pizzas, made in front of the customer& dough that takes 48 hours to be ready and good..."
Michael Sindall
"Annoyingly I've lived close to London for over 20 years and have only just discovered this place. It's so vibrant and quirky. I can highly recommend..."
Val Waring
"Great, beautiful venue and outdoor space, lovely food, beer on tap, delightful restaurant and even an ice cream..."
Andrew Gilhooly
"Love my Friday treat at Manti - best fish dunplings in London - really delicious, fresh, original food and flavours!..."
Lizzy Attree
"Great place to come and have a chilled lunch with friends or in the evening for supper and a couple of drinks! The laffa truck is my personal..."
Katie Harris
"Amazing place with nice and friendly staff, highly recommend it for those who are looking where to spend great evening with friends :) I loved it!..."
Egle Petruskeviciute
"I had the Turkish Dumplings at Manti! They were incredibly good! I would highly recommend them to..."
Rhodri Mason
"Absolutely fantastic addition to London's vibrant entertainment venues a short stroll from Borough Market. Awesome street food. We sampled super..."
Helen MacAndrews
"Fab cool place to chill eat and drink with friends. Lots of choice and will become a..."
Richard Harman
"Excellent little hidden gem discovered quite by accident. Sublime food outlets all freshly prepared and set in a chilled courtyard location. Great..."
Rob Jones
"It's nicely tucked away and is another London treat! Nice food, great music - Indian scar band - a very sweet atmosphere of people just enjoying..."
Jordan Jamie Waring
"Pizza was amazing and the bakery had great filter coffee & delicious lemon drizzle cakes - best I've ever..."
Rob Brazier
"Love this place. Every time we come it’s different but always good..."
Tracey Partlett
"Met up with a friend here for a drink around happy hour time on a Friday and was quite impressed with their COVID-19 safety protocols. If anything, I..."
Grace Stephens
"Wonderfully festive and Covid safe. Felt really comfortable, with heaters and great food and drink options. Service was quite slow with up to 40 mins..."
Nina Peronius
"Went a few weeks ago with friends. I was so impressed with how they handled the COVID restrictions. Tables were spaced out well, they were strict..."
Emily Carlson
"Nice cover beer garden, veggie burger or beef both are good quality. Price a bit up but no too crazy. I enjoyed my evening there. Good environment,..."
Allan Calvin
"This place has a really nice vibe. I went there with three friends and quite enjoyed the food and atmosphere. Although, they can work with the beer..."
Shilpa Vennvali
100/100 (2438 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Foie gras
"I can think of that time when I have starved for two days during a youthful poorly planned camping trip.  When I emerged out of the wild, instant..."
Quiet Eating
"Great menu. We ordered the crab to share and it was delicious and fresh. Atmosphere was light and warm. The staff where polite and attentive staff...."
"I came to Brawn for the first time a little over a week ago. Wow! I had one of the best meals of my life here. Incredible food, charming atmosphere,..."
Ryan Williams
"Sitting snugly on a corner of Columbia Road this unassuming restaurant is sibling to perennial fine dining favourite “Terroirs”. Despite spending..."
Chen Man
"My expectations were high because Brawn is the favorite restaurant of a foodie mate of mine.The space is charming and we had a lovely..."
Alice Gee
"Simply where food should be. Loved the juxtaposition between perfectly made preserved meats such as the brawn and pork rilletes, and the chopped raw..."
"Went for lunch for a friends birthday and stayed for almost four hours ordering platters to share. Lovely service and well seasoned foodie fare...."
"Foodie heaven. Their website says they serve honest, simple food, and while that's true, it's also an understatement. There's a depth and expertise..."
"Brawn identity. A little gastronomic gem in Bethnal Green, Brawn is all about provenance. Excellent sour dough bread accompanied the well sourced and..."
"Brawn is a homely small restaurant located in the heart of Columbia road which transforms to a busy flower market every Sunday. The location cannot..."
Drifting Epicure
"London’s trendy lefty community has moved east to Shoreditch and Hackney. With the organic market on Broadway and the Columbia market, it’s easy..."
"Brawn is one of our all time favourite restaurants in London. The setting is brilliant, the ambiance cosy and perfect for a weekend lunch and the..."
"The Dorset clams were ok they were swimming in olive oil and that’s all you could taste, it was an amazing olive oil but the accompanying clams,..."
"Brawn is one of those places. I have been meaning to go for literally years but always seem to get distracted. And so, with it being the..."
"the dish that got me most excited: hand chopped Tuscan style..."
Swedish Meatball
"Bread, butter and a few plates of surf-and-turf starters were good. They were the nothing-too-labourous of Cervelle de Canut, Atlantic Prawns & Mayo,..."
"Brawn doesn’t have a sign outside – luckily we had taken note of the building number before we left. The decor is different to Terroirs – Brawn..."
Sarah Kemp
"Brawn is, basically, brilliant; reliving the experience in prose has been almost as much fun as the fabulous meal..."
Hugh Wright
"Brawn is the much anticipated new offshoot of Terroirs in the East of London, on trendy Columbia Road, E2. Terroirs has become a regular haunt..."
"Remember back in 2008 , there was a little known wine bar, in Charing Cross called Terroirs, that garnered gushing reviews from all four corners...."
Kang L.
"I wasn't the biggest fan of Terroirs, in Covent Garden. Most of the food I ate, while perfectly fine, was slightly on the safe side (terrines,..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"Fantastic food in a very relaxing laid back setting this place makes for the perfect lunch spot.The interior is really cool with eclectic..."
"For my first review I thought it fitting to start with one of my favourites, that has so far never disappointed. I like trying new places, and there..."
Sebastian Law
"Brawn is a homely small restaurant located in the heart of Columbia road which transforms to a busy flower market every Sunday. The location cannot..."
Drifting Epicure
"Even if you try to find a negative point you’ll not be able to find it! Everything was absolutely perfect ! We had dinner at the bar, super nice..."
Méliné Leprince
"One of the best British restaurants in London. All the mains were delicious, starters were a bit hit or miss but anchovies were very..."
Judie Tran
"I had one of my best meal this year. Great tasty menu with top quality ingredients that have been cooked, paired and used with experience and great..."
Antonio Arca
"As a driver I have sadly never eaten here, that being said, I am always treated with the upmost respect when using the facilities when my clients use..."
Thomas Roberson
"This is a corker of a restaurant. Firstly, it's properly cute. The seats at the back of the restaurant give views of the kitchen; it's great to..."
Gemma Howley
"Perfect evening out. Incredible service, beautiful food made with love and an interesting wine list. Artisan hand sanitiser on each table, each table..."
Eleah Waters
"⭐️ Perfect ! ⭐️ The place is nice and cosy. The food is REALLY GOOD, we have been surprised by all the plates we took. The wine is also..."
Cloé Miquerol
"Always perfect, always welcoming. Wine list of the gods. A reason to live in East London...."
Elizabeth Valleau
Jose Tapas Bar
100/100 (2523 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Patatas Bravas
Garlic Prawns
Padron Peppers
Tomato Bread
"All time favorite place for tapas and wine ! The staff is extremely friendly and welcoming. The ambience is cozy and I recommend everyone visiting..."
"This tapas place never disappoints me. All the dishes ordered were very yummy. They seem to have sourced a list of nice wines. The complimentary..."
C. K.
"Finally made it back here for a quick bite of tapas late on a bank holiday Monday.  Had been out all day in the sun so all we needed was something..."
Miso Hungry
"Great food, great service and great atmosphere. Jose' is a bustling little tapas place in Bermondsey that makes you forget you're actually in the UK...."
"José is a tiny little tapas joint/sherry bar on the excellent Bermondsey Street. If you can resist the temptations of both Maltby and Borough Market..."
The Hungry Porker
"Really good tapas place on a cool street down in Bermondsey - don't go expecting intimacy as is quite a small bar vibe but the food is delicious with..."
Bert Conibear
"Browse: Home / JoseJoseJOSE14th May 2015 · by Chris · in eating, England, LondonI know that some people seem to..."
Quiet Eating
"Nice tapas with good selection of Spanish wines! The place gets pretty crowded and as it hasn't got that much space, it can be quite noisy.. But hey..."
Clara Patricia
"Great tapas accompanied with excellent wines. Always busy and vibrant. I really like it but I sometimes wished there was more place to sit. It..."
"Fav! Great tapas place in London. Great price!. Wonderful tapas joint in Bermondsey area (south London - London Bridge tube, get out and turn right..."
"Exceptionally good tapas in a lovely bar. After many months of waiting we finally got round to making a long overdue visit to Jose on Saturday...."
"Excellent food. Attentive staff. Would..."
"Pear Poached in Red Wine. Rice pudding.. For dessert we had a juicy soft pear poached in red wine and a dish of cold rice pudding -..."
No Expert
"Liked the food, my favourite dish was the catalan squid. Very friendly service and good to see a generous wine list and sherry on offer. It was a bit..."
Miguel Leal
"José is the most authentic Spanish tapas/sherry bar in London. The atmosphere is great and the food Michelin star quality. I was told the wine and..."
"Just Great Tapas. Jose Pizarro's Tapas bar on the corner of Bermonsey Street and Morroco Street delivers all that's great about a Spanish bar eatery...."
Mike Cornfield
"Jose remains to hold a high level of consistency and will continue to be our frequent dining place. It’s a whole package: food, service, ambience,..."
"A recent lunchtime visit to Bermondsey Street led us to José Pizarros tapas bar aptly named José, within a couple hundred yards of his more formal..."
"I left wondering why I have not eaten there every single week since I moved to London. Seriously. I cannot wait to go back. Neither can Seán, but..."
The Very Hungry Londoner
"Two weeks ago I went to my New Favourite Place; the newly-opened tapas and sherry bar José on Bermondsey Street.   The reservations-free, teeny..."
Emma Louise Layla
" Dinner for two with service and two beers was £39.00. Truthfully though, we could probably have been fine without the Chorizo and extra bread, but..."
"To sum it up, the food at Jose was absolutely wonderful and some of the most authentic Spanish food I've encountered in..."
Food And Drinks Noob
"We were planning to visit he Tapas Fantasticas festival over at Towerbridge, but the terrible British weather put a dampener on those plans. Yet,..."
"The open kitchen can get very hot and noisy, so those of a civilised disposition will be glad to hear that Pizarro, a more formal, reservable..."
"Service was charming and knowledgeable – it’s worth noting that service isn’t included in the bill and can’t be added using card so take cash..."
Samphire And Salsify
"The tapas dishes ranges from £3-£9 on the regular menu and the daily specials were up to £13.50 for the fillet steak which we stupidly, didn't..."
"The chefs at Jose know their seafood, order any seafood item from the menu and you will not be disappointed. Both the squid and clams were incredibly..."
"All in all, fantastic ingredients, good solid kitchen and buzzing atmosphere. I’ll definitely be back under non-tooth-related circumstances. Tip:..."
Hungry Tiger Thirsty Dragon
"Of all the Tapas places I've been to in London this feels the most like the bars in Madrid, it's cramped, noisy and you're constantly being bumped..."
"The outside of Jose is very inconspicuous (especially if you are not looking up!) and at 2.00pm it looks just like any other city sandwich bar,..."
"Predominantly standing, rammed to the rafters with a few high chairs dotted about, this is a true tapas bar with a kitchen open to the..."
"Jose is a teeny-tiny, traditional tapas bar. If you're lucky you might grab a stool to perch at the counter, otherwise you'll have to stand. This..."
Claire Vernon
"This tiny tapas bar is the closest to the ones in Madrid I have seen in London. About 12 people were rubbing shoulders around the marble bar, where..."
"croquetas; they are the best I've ever had. CREAMY. AMAZING... pork pluma is ridiculous...served with piquillo pepper...I spend a glorious couple..."
Swedish Meatball
"Quick snack at Jose, the low-key yet brilliant tapas bar on Bermondsey Street. This place is everything I love about Spain, and everything I think..."
The Perfect Trough
"For me it was a case of third time lucky, as we finally managed to get a seat in Jose ( Jose Pizarro's tiny Tapas bar in Bermondsey Street). We did..."
No Expert
"I ended up at Jose, after finding Zucca was fully booked for the night. I first met Jose Pizarro very briefly at Scala’s supper club a few years..."
The Food Connoisseur
"I cannot recommend Jose enough; simple food served plainly but with ingredients this good you really don’t want to f*ck around with..."
Paul Hart
"With all the buzz this tiny tapas bar gets packed out which I found out on a previous visit. So this time, we went for lunch shortly after it opened..."
"Clean plate, clean flavours. Some more stunning than others. All eaten. I took delight in the pan con tomate. Nice balance of mushed tomatoes and..."
"The casual vibe of the tapas bar is the perfect place to pop into for a glass of sherry and share a few plates of really well delicious..."
"I try to avoid Spanish places in London, as I usually go a couple times a year to Spain, and I honestly believe the food over there is much better..."
""Start here for tapas and sherry, mains at Zucca and then on to Village East for a cocktail or dessert." Tapas crawl, Bermondsey..."
Grumbling Gourmet
"Jose Pizzaro has transformed a humble little corner of Bermondsey Street into a tapas bar that transports you to Barcelona. If you enjoy good food..."
Mark Edwards
"Jose is, simply, as good a tapas bar as you will find anywhere in London and indeed as good as any restaurant could want to be: it serves excellent..."
Hugh Wright
"2011 was a good year, and one which saw me eating out more than ever before - a fact that the dwindling recipes on the blog and extra inches around..."
Gourmet Traveller
"All this and add a rather extensive sherry list, you have all the hallmarks of an excellent restaurant. And that is what it would be if it wasn’t..."
"I will happily eat here every day. Love everything. The jamon! You can taste the acorns! The boquerones! The croquetas! ALL of it. Go go go go..."
"Someone pointed out on Twitter the other day that with the launch of Bar Pepito , Capote y Toros (review coming soon on London Confidential if they..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"Jose's is one of my favourite places in London. I've only been twice but on both occasions the food was top notch and the service was friendly and..."
Cameron Douglas
"Located on the now trendy Bermondsey Street is Jose Pizarro’s Spanish Bar, Jose. Serving up a whole range of Tapas dishes, Jose has kept his plates..."
Secret Scoffer
"The ham croquettes were divine and my friend and I ordered them twice because we couldn’t get enough of them. They were perfect. The perfect..."
Gin Fizz Girl
"This joint really is a tapa BAR, not a tapas restaurant. Jose is doing an awesome job there running the small kitchen and the equally small seating..."
Oytun Calapover
"I met Jose Pizarro last year at my first We Feast. I got mildly over excited and asked him for a photo. He looked slightly bemused at the request but..."
Fiona Barrows
"I ended up at Jose, after finding Zucca was fully booked for the night. I first met Jose Pizarro very briefly at Scala’s supper club a few years..."
The Food Connoisseur
"Roll up, roll up. This is a positive review. Which has nothing to do with arriving at the restaurant three sheets to the wind after a morning spent..."
"For Jose I wish I was unemployed, for then I could waltz in for the mid-day, mid-week, and fill that hole in my stomach that is magically created,..."
Anuradha Bhatnagar
"For me it was a case of third time lucky, as we finally managed to get a seat in Jose (Jose Pizarro's tiny Tapas bar in Bermondsey Street). We did..."
No Expert
"We went for dinner here after reading all the great reviews and having walked passed it a few times. And I have to say it didn't disappoint. Cosy and..."
"Very tiny place with very typical Spanish food 🥘 Staff friendly and knowledgeable- their advice for a sweet drink at the end of the meal just made..."
Yul Ghetan
"The fried goat cheese with honey is the absolute best! Such great device and both indoor and outdoor seating is amazing. The food is absolutely a..."
Brooke Cichosz
"Best Spanish tapas in London! Like if you where in a high end bar in Spain! Wine selection is..."
Javier Moraleda Deleito
"Love this place. Every time I eat here it is delicious. The croquetas are just amazing! The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to..."
J Mo
"Prepare to queue and spend a dime but it will be all worth it. If you want to avoid queuing visit them for lunch excalty at 12pm or at 5pm for..."
Karolina Lubian
"A small corner place, with high seating at the windows and a coupe small tables inside. They also now have several tables outside and a couple of..."
Paul Humphreys
"great place, always happy to come back, I can't wait to visit again. Nice to have vegan and vegetarian options. Everything is always delicious. Very..."
Karolina Michalska
"This is one of my favourite tapas restaurants heading away from hectic London Bridge, for a more residential relaxed London feel. It’s catering..."
Matt Landeg
Sticks'n'sushi Covent Garden
100/100 (6080 ratings)
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Yakitori (Grilled Skewers)
Fish Soup
"Generally quite good food - I feel it's got slightly better over the years. Depending on where you sit, the seating can feel a little cramped at..."
Farshad Dabeshkhoy
"A go to sushi place. Always so freshly made and served at reasonable prices with the help of a very friendly and professional staff not to mention..."
"Amazing sushi place. Always freshly made and served in a very beautiful ambiance with the help of a really nice and friendly staff not to mention the..."
Miro Loves
"Amazing Sushi bar! Even the vegan / vegetarian options are so tasty and flavourful.. one of the best places to satisfy your Jap Cuisine cravings ! We..."
Ritika Mital
"Amazing place in London. I love the food. can’t wait to come back here again. Congratulations to the..."
"Amazing place for some authentic Sushi. Too many options to choose from loved everything we tried. Highly..."
"Such a great place for sushi, the ambience is refined and staff is lovely! If fits every occasion, business meetings, friends, family, etc. Some..."
Inês Barril
"Music wow I enjoy food and music together thereWe ordered hell's kitchen shake aioli ebi Pablo and one roll everything is greatStaff..."
Aakash Yadav
"Always a steady choice for good food! Service was a little slow to begin with, perhaps we caught the lull between shifts but that was soon remedied...."
"A really good place for awesome sushi and really good music. we ordered Hell's kitchen, Shake Aioli, Salmon ceviche, Ebi Panko and Gypsy roll. And..."
"Its a great place for all the sushi lovers around the world. Amazing service and amazing taste. If you like shrimps, you have to try “ebi bites”..."
Tuana Yıldız
"Great place with amazing sushi and very nice music. Very cool, the staff is very nice and professional. We had miso soup and a “perfect day” that..."
Ana Neves
"Amazing place and great sushi for affordable price. The restaurant is quite big and the mood is very good. We went there without reservation and..."
Carla Carvalho Dias
"One of the best sushi places I have been to in England so far! We started off with Ebi Bites (which was my personal favorite) and salmon carpaccio...."
Luna Dayekh
"Great ambience, very friendly staff and great sushi. First time I've ever been there but I'll certainly be coming back. I recommend the yellow tail,..."
"This joint is amazing 🙌🏼 one of the best sushi places I have ever been too wow.. the location is perfect and the place itself is exquisitely..."
Afra Giustizieri
"Definitely a must visit if you're in the game for sushi. At least once. It is costly, but a fine experience. I highly recommend the fried cauliflower..."
Nick X Thomson
"This place has a really great sushi concept the menus are innovative and the food is delicious I really recommend the dragon roll and it's the best..."
"This was my first visit to Sticks'n'Sushi and it certainly won't be my last. Upon arriving at Sticks n Sushi, the first impression is of a modern..."
"My go to place for sushi. Excellent quality, big variety of choices on the menu and very good service. Pretty expensive though and adds up..."
Elisabeth Tsudikman
"We went to the Covent Garden branch and it was so pretty, the atmosphere in the restaurant was really cosy and warm. The lights were dimly lit- which..."
"I absolutely loved this place. It was delicious and the concept is really interesting. So many options from a visual photo album menu! I would..."
"One of my favourite spots for Sushi in London! Convenient and close! Not too hard to book a table and it has a nice buzzing atmosphere! I love their..."
Traveling Foodaholic
"What happens when you mix Danish and Japanese cuisine? It’s not a question that has often been asked, let alone answered, which is what affords..."
Saanya Gulati
"Awesome food.. Good portions to share.. Brilliant presentation and super friendly staff.. I strongly recommend.. Went for Ala cart rather than..."
Sara Al Shorouqi
"Sticks 'n' Sushi is a fun dinner option, the cocktails and sake selection are good and the menu offers a lot of choice. Sushi is good quality but, in..."
"Londrada ki en iyi sushi restauranti! Digerlerinden cok Farkli ve rahat bi konsepti var. Yani sira gayet guzel, lezzetli bir menuye..."
Karahan Mert
"I absolutely love sushi, and Sticks’n’Sushi, true to its name, satisfied all my cravings. The decor throughout is very minimalist, but the..."
Kiran Kishore
"Superb! Excellent customer service first of all! People are nice. We ordered two dishes, one for sushi and another for sticks. I would say the sushi..."
"Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is a Danish export, originally founded 18 years ago in Copenhagen by brothers Jens and Kim Rahbek and Thor Andersen who combined..."
The Foodie Diaries
"One of the best Japanese cuisine experience we have had in London for ages. Generous portion with excellent sushi and British style yakitori (pieces..."
"I loved this place and the concept.The waitress was fab. She was American and recommended us great dishes which were all..."
Lisa B
"I’ve been to Sticks’n’Sushi in Covent Garden before, back in November 2013 when it first opened and had a fantastic lunch. This time, it was..."
"Whenever I go to london I always go to nobu at least once. This time my partner spoke about this restaurant and we made a reservation to this..."
Coskun George Alis
"Well I was looking forward to trying this place out. I'd heard good things so was excited to try it out. Upon arrival I was led to my seat..."
Katarina Zwick
"Nobody can churn out effortless cool like the Scandinavians can! Like the window says, Stick n Sushi is a sushi and yakitori bar with a Nordic touch...."
The Awkward Blog
"Love the concept of the restaurant! The staff is very friendly and their uniforms and menu is very creative. The presentation of the dishes is..."
Sanchi Arora
"Beautifully presented food. Great atmosphere. Wide selection of plates and platters on the menu. For me, the menu is a bit overwhelming but the staff..."
Michaela Baxter
"Genuinely a treat, Sticks n Sushi is not a place to go to for everyday sushi. It serves such delicious and well presented sushi. As a true sushi..."
"Fantastic fresh sushi and "sticks" - the spicy tuna stick had me scraping the sauce off the plate. Also delicious cocktails - if you like mojitos try..."
Jessi @2feet1world
"Sticks “n” Sushi reminds me of a romantic New York loft. This restaurant in Covent Garden is spacious and urban with its exposed brick walls, dim..."
"Yesterday I went to the soft opening of the new branch of Sticks'N'Sushi near Covent Garden on Henrietta Street. Sticks'N'Sushi officially open..."
Jeanne-Marie B
"Crunchy tempura softshell crab was rolled with coal-black rice, lettuce, avocado and red tobiko, drizzled with spicy sauce and unagi sauce with a..."
Cherie City
"The upbeat atmosphere of the place is further assisted by the lively bar and its array of cocktails. The list is inspired by Oriental ingredients..."
"Quite an underrated addition to London's Japanese restaurant / sushi scene. The restaurant has a ton of set menus and mixed sushi platters but I've..."
"What do you get when you mix Scandinavian style with Asian cuisine? Beauty on a plate, in both taste and aesthetics. This is why I am a slightly in..."
Miho @ Wander To Wonder
"This Autumn I camped myself at Sticks'n'Sushi. My sister Lucy spent the winter months waitressing there and it's bang in the middle of Covent Garden..."
Eat, Play, Live
"You can always tell how beautiful a restaurant's presentation is by how many photos of their food have been uploaded on Zomato. There is something so..."
Sarah Guershon
"How do I put this fairly? Me and my partner have found this highly recommended sushi place from this app and it seems very fancy and trendy...."
Jack Zen
"Sticks n Sushi is never a bad idea. I went to sticks n sushi this wednesday for lunch after a long time .I had absolutely forgotten how tasty the..."
Isha Kapur
"Tucked just off the main Covent Garden piazza, this is the second UK offering from the Danish founders and definitely not their last. It's not just..."
Becks Dobson
"I recently tried this place for a sushi experience and had a wonderful experience. The food was excellent, especially the sushi which was cooked to..."
Sienna Harris
"This is one of those places that you really cherish for a long time. It is just perfect for a formal office dinner. I absolutely appreciate their..."
Henry Brooks
"By far one of the best places that serve delectable Sushi. The decor is exquisite and the ambiance is very inviting and energetic. The pricing is..."
 Owen  Short
"I love this place, so much so that I am very possessive about it. However, this place has been gaining well deserved publicity now. I love the food..."
Chloe Hughes
"I had one of the most romantic meal at this place. The interiors gives you a warm and cosy feeling. It is spacious and its all made of brick walls,..."
Aidan Barlow
"The first thing i noticed when i entered the place is that this restaurant is extremely huge and spacious and has an urban feel in its interiors. It..."
Rakesh Comar
"I ordered quite a few items off the menu and the only amazing and above average dish was the duck liver in teriyaki sauce. It was perfectly prepared..."
 Daisy  Kent
"The one thing that calls for recognition and thus appreciation is the menu of the restaurant.The menu is elaborate in the specification of the..."
Leah Begum
"I thought it was absolutely fantastic! the black cod was incredible, the tempura prawn bites were Devine and all the sushi rolls were just amazing!..."
Lottie Griffin
"I have been a fan of Sticks 'n' Sushi ever since eating in their Wimbledon restaurant with Charlotte Hu back in March 2012, just after they launched..."
Giulia Mulè
"Food: Japanese.Price : Around £70 for two people.Atmosphere: Modern, ElegantReview: This restaurant is super awesome,..."
Marine Levert
"Great nightSpent an entire night in this place drinking and eating exceptional Japanese food. Although expensive, totally worth..."
"From the one-hour wait for a table on a Tuesday evening, one can see just how popular Sticks ‘N’ Sushi has become since opening on Henrietta..."
Karan Gupta
"Sticks 'n' Sushi was a fantastic choice for a mid week dinner. A lively and modern atmosphere meant there was a mixture of couples, work colleagues..."
Amar Sehgal
"I've tried a lot of restaurants but Im ok to say this is the only place that I always finish my meal praying I had a second tummy. The tastes are..."
"With a son that loves sushi this had to be a place to try and we were not disappointed.  We ordered their Sticks and Sushi platter and a plate of..."
Maureen Fulton
"Sticks n' Sushi..The best place in London where to find the original Japanese "Yakitori". The menu is really fun and entertaining..."
Andrea Zagatti
"Despite being vegetarian, I spend a surprising amount of time eating sushi. I know the lack of fish defeats the point, but I love cucumber, avocado..."
"Welcomed by an array of Danish greetings, smiling faces and swooping sushi laden plates, I tumbled into Sticks 'n' Sushi with a protesting stomach..."
Little Brown Book
"Wow, this is The best sushi restaurant Tried in London. Great interior, cool atmosphere and amazing food! Thumbs up..."
"Posh interior, top quality fish good sushi and met. The best sushi in London! Questo ristorante e'il Top assoluto!..."
"I thoroughly enjoyed this new, slightly tucked away sushi spot. Price and clientele wise, it proved accessible and open to all, catering for all..."
Ali V
"The Cafe Royal hotel has a long history as one of the most fashionable hotels in London and with its prime position on Regent Street it is also an..."
SilverSpoon London
"Loved this place the moment I walked in. The sleek decor and lighting takes you straight to Scandinavia. We were seated and shown the menu which is a..."
Anjana Menon
"It's my second time visiting this restaurant now, and one which, for a small chain i really do love. The Sticks ‘n’ Sushi concept was first..."
"Great food and there is a good variety from sushi's to grilled food. The staff are very friendly and ensure that your surroundings are clean and..."
Minesh Hansora
"I have been here before and the staff are great, very friendly. Taken to the back bar and wanting to use the bathroom a staff member offered..."
graham foote
"This is non-doubted the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC Japanese restaurant in London. It was so good that I even forgot to post after dining there. I have..."
"Got carried away and ordered too much...nonetheless the food was amazing and staff were..."
Ash Ley
"Everything was delicious. The food was great, we tried skews and the sushi pieces. The atmosphere was calm and the staff was wearing masks. The..."
William Lewis
"We came to this place for lunch. This spot was recommended to us by a friend. Well, we were not disappointed. The staff members welcomed us with a..."
Andy Brazell
"The content garden restaurant was very good! I set at the bar and the service was great, the food is value for money and nice environment. High..."
לימור אסולין
"Had the pleasure of dining at this restaurant lastnight. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. The staff were absolutely amazing and had..."
mysterious Woman
L'eto Caffe
100/100 (4312 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Eggs Benedict
Juice & Smoothies
Carrot Cake
"One of the best places to have a very delicious vast arrays of breakfast and different food items at reasonable prices, optimal hygienic conditions..."
Miro Loves
"Wonderful cafe in the Area to have one of the absolutely best experiences. The food is freshly cooked and served with the help of a very friendly and..."
"Been to London times and times again but nothing beats L'eto even though it's my first time here and it definitely won't be my last. My..."
Eatout Roudy
"Always a perfect spot for some cake and coffee! My favourite is the saffron milk cake! And for coffee lovers they should try their Spanish latte..."
Roua Ghanem
"Great service and great variety. A bit overpriced, but then again appropriate to the location. The avocado toasts were heavenly and overall, it's a..."
Carla Prado
"Had an awesome brunch at L'Eto today with an old school friend. We both ordered the regional breakfast- Italian... the cheese was amazing, overall..."
Raghav Chopra
"Dropped down here for the magical dessert sitting by the window that lured us in . Then we found the salad bar which changed the whole..."
The Noors
"الكافي لذيذ جدا خدمه ممتازه والاكل متنوع ولذيذ فقط يعيبه صغر المكان أفضل..."
"BEST MILKCAKE I EVER TRIED. Dessert is better than their food. I don't like how it's kept out there I find it unhygienic to a certain extent. I..."
Reem HK
"What can I say, L'eto never disappoints. I usually visit L'eto for coffee- I consider it one of my favourite coffee spots in London. I've only..."
"I went twice. I Liked their sitting. Zafaran milk cake is amazing. For breakfast, l ate shakshoka and frensh toast. The frensh toast is good but the..."
"The milk cake is a must to try ... the saffron and the classic one is so yummy ,Their flat white was done perfectly 👌🏼the place was small ,..."
"Really nice tea place the lemon and mint tea was lovely and the merengue pie as well! Near harrods and south Kensington! The cakes taste as good as..."
Sara Correia
"The milk cake is a must try!!❤️❤️ Arabic coffee is also delicious. The honey cake I didn't like it much.Service and atmosphere is great..."
Asma A.
"In terms of the desserts, it was amazing. Their signature cake (honey cake) is one of my favourite and it is filling. Alongside it, we had a..."
"I heard from from a lot of people the cake in leto caffe , till i tried it today yummy and super yummy of milk cake I had my breakfast..."
"Great setting and interior, never tried the food here only the desserts & coffee. Cakes here are splendid and the espresso isn't the best but isn't..."
"It's a nice little shop, with nice sweets. Came here, because of the hype over their honey cake. It was honestly "okay".. Nothing amazing about..."
Nazaneen NE
"I got hit with the flu last week, and after sloping off early from work on Tuesday for my bed, I realised that I definitely wasn't going to be able..."
Rosie Alittlelusciousness
"have been there twice, in both I requested a flat white which surprisingly was a great ! didn't except such a good coffee ... their cake was..."
Ray S
"L’ETO Caffe has one of those windows that you don’t just walk past. You double take, retrace your steps, and gawp in the window for a moment...."
Hello Farrah
"Beauriful cakes I had the honey cake so so delicious and moist and I ordered the lavender creme latte. The service was very very slow but other than..."
Parisa Kelly
"Apt for its location, the restaurant itself boasts sophistication and class with high ceilings, dark hardwood floors, round marble tables, Victorian..."
Maria Sisci
"L’ETO Caffe is a boutique chain of cafes that I always recommend to friends looking for a stylish, cosy place to enjoy exquisite tea and cake in..."
Cherie City
"Remember the time I mentioned about a place in Soho with the window display that caught my eye? Yeh L’ETO Caffé has gone and opened another branch..."
The Food Connoisseur
"L’eto Caffe really crushed me with their launch party a few weeks ago. To celebrate the opening of their Brompton Road location, they hosted a..."
Sunny In London
Chicken Shop
100/100 (710 ratings)
Roast Chicken
Apple pie
"It’s a balmy September night in London and my flight had just arrived from Berlin. All accounts so far had warned me to rug up as if the ice age..."
Phil R Krynski
"Second visit at 79 Highgate Road in Kentish Town: this time was at Chicken Shop .  My first visit was at Dirty Burger .  I went there for a Sunday..."
Jeanne-Marie B
"However, the corn was perfectly cooked with charred blackened bits giving it plenty of..."
Samphire And Salsify
" It would be easy to overstate how good the Chicken Shop is. It’s very clever but in a simple way, and its food is very tasty but in an unambitious..."
"A bloody good brownie too. It’s a sign of a great pudding when you’re already full and then suddenly, before you realise, it’s all..."
Every Meal Matters
"A nostalgic highlight among the sides are the crinkle cut chips (although these are bettered at Dirty Burger) but the chicken really is the star...."
The Perfect Trough
"I was overjoyed to join the young, hip crowd at The Chicken Shop, not least because the smell of the rotisserie chicken was..."
Sarah Guershon
"The ambiance is cool. The menu is limited. The choice is easy; chicken.The service is quick. The chicken is moist and flavoursome. The portions..."
"“Just chicken?”“Yes, is that a problem?”“No. I like chicken”“Good”So went the conversation when I suggested..."
Fiona Barrows
"Unless you need to get a train, being underground isn't ideal. In fact, the underground is hardly ideal, either. But what I'm trying to say is that..."
Paul Davis
"If you're tired of the regular fried chicken joints, go out to Kentish Town and walk up the hill to a Green (almost hidden) door next to Pizza East...."
"Lovely, comfortable place to study or have a meeting. Good breakfast and snack..."
Mancunian Morgan
Gurdeep Singh
"Lots of small and medium sized businesses call this building 'home'. So, if you're visiting one of them for the first time the look for the map..."
Irfan Qureshi
"Lovely little spot nice office space..."
Michael Davies
"Really friendly little cafe, quite good drinks and a nice..."
Nano Slime
"Not the usual office building you experience. You definitely do see much of suits..."
Jo Chen
Bar Tozino
100/100 (937 ratings)
Wine Bar
"Mother’s Ruin and the most favoured tipple by so many, I was fortunate enough to be invited to the exclusive celebration of 20 years of Citadelle..."
"Beyond the average quality 'tasca' in Spain – and I'm Spanish. Fantastic selection of jamones and wine/sherrys. I was extremely surprised by the..."
"Tucked away by railway arches near Tower Bridge is the burgeoning Maltby Street Market and in one of the arches we found this absolute gem of..."
South London Blog
"Beneath the red brick arches if Maltby street sits Tozino, a dark ummame scented cave, lit by heat lamps; its music provided by chattering voices..."
"After drinks we moved onto the Spanish jamon bar: Bar Tozino. It looks very authentic, but still follows London prices. The friendly staff gave us..."
"Bar Tozino is a stalwart of the Maltby Street market and is very popular – when I visited I had to stand at a part of the restaurant next to the..."
The City Lane
"  Borough market is commonly known as the best food market that London has to offer. However, not many know that not too far from it is another..."
"With neither a brioche bun or chashu slice in sight, Bar Tozino has burst onto the Maltby Street scene with huge..."
The Perfect Trough
"It is the perfect place to lose an afternoon getting drunk on sherry and eating slivers of porky..."
Paul Hart
"Our friends held their engagement party at Tozino in Maltby Street last year, and we recently returned post-FEAST festival to carry on our excessive..."
"Fantastic sandwiches, incredible pardon peppers and all kinds of other Mediterranean fare. Good place to go to refill olive oil, vermouth etc. Way..."
Stephen Lovejoy
"Top notching absolutely brilliant authentic tapas restaurant. Loved the relaxed environment, the friendly staff, the tasty..."
Vincenzo Candela
"Great experience at Bar Tozino! Delicious traditional Spanish tapas. Friendly staff, quick service and memorable night. Great for a date night or..."
Grace Azcarate
"Great little hidden gem in the midst of Maltby Street market. Delicious food, friendly staff and cosy atmosphere (in..."
Tom C
"Even if you don't consider yourself a Spanish gourmet lover - still come here to enjoy great authentic Spanish wines and tapas. Meat seems to be..."
Jura Kulikov
"Excellent tapas bar with a great vibe and atmosphere, could happily spend hours here drinking wine and eating the tapas. Have walked past so many..."
Martin Harrison
"Real taste of Spain, dived in whilst enjoying the weekend market down Maltby street and enjoyed some true Tapas, rioja and a superb IPA from..."
Richard thompson
"A delicious spread of tapas, hot and cold, veggie and meaty, with outside seating, inside all huddled together or stood somewhere in between. From..."
Ben Carter
Casa Manolo
100/100 (671 ratings)
"We loved it. Tapas Albondigas, Gambas Pil Pil, Rioja and very friendly staff. Very authentic taste of Spain We sampled Jamon and brought it home...."
Karen Walters
"Little gem of a find, excellent tapas and the wine was divine. Could have stayed all day..."
Karen Duxbury
"Recomendable 100%!!! Todo el personal son gente de lujo, amables, simpáticos, serviciales, alegres, majos... La comida riquísima, exquisita!!! Es..."
Aitor Soriano Molina
"Amazing service ; a little sample of exciting Spain � in London. The Mantega cheese and the ham were divine. Thank you Miguel for making our Friday..."
Luiza Ali
"Fab tapas & wine, great atmosphere &..."
Mandalay Kirby-Bailey
"Delicious and authentic Spanish food of the highest quality. It's worth to grab a ham sandwich to take away for your lunch, better than anything else..."
Julia López
"Thought the service here was very good actually. Post dinner 4 tapas with two drinks 40 pounds. Efficient and good..."
Ryan Lavallee
"Amazing value for money. Top class iberico ham sandwich for around 6gbps. Bread was fresh and crusty, meat tasted out of this world and make sure to..."
Martin Bvic
"Loved it. What a pleasant..."
Tonya S
"Absolutely love this place. I lived in Madrid for 13 years and this food is super authentic and you feel you’re in a typical Spanish bar. The staff..."
Maggie Kelly
"The atmosphere is incredibly special. The best place to treat yourself and impress someone on a first date in the restaurant or buying the products..."
Laura Perez Estevez
"Great selection of meats. Keen to come back on a Wednesday for their tapas and drinks..."
"Excellent Spanish cold cut/tapas little restaurant. We came in for a iberico sandwich snack and ended up having a couple other plates (duck confit,..."
Stephania Roy
Wahaca Soho
100/100 (5534 ratings)
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegetarian Friendly
Vegan Options
Gluten Free Options
Fish Taco
"Delicious and tasty food in a very lively ambiance. The staff is very attentive and knows what to recommend. Speedy service..."
"A lively and busy restaurant chain with simple yet delicious meal options. Very fun and friendly relaxed place to go for a meal. They make a killer..."
Neil Smith
"The menu has a lot of vegetarian options. We ordered mostly all the veggie stuff available. The best of all was the sweet potato and feta taquito...."
Amrita Jhawar
"Awesome place. The food is amazing. I love their sustainability initiative. They give away free chilli seeds to guests. Very cost & family friendly..."
Neha Dharmshaktu
"Discovered Wahaca on my recent trip to London and instantly fell in love with this funky and vibrant Mexican eatery that’s mimicking the real..."
Lalit Ramchandani
"We stumbled across Wahaca for dinner after a long day of sight-seeing. Being my first time in London, I was keen to try the Mexican inspired..."
Jarred Michael Bell
"Amazing Mexican food in the heart of London! This place is the perfect, the fit out is colourful and on trend. The menu has a perfect balance of..."
Patrick Sharpe
"I LOVE PLANTAINS! I love plantains soooo much, you guys. And the plantain tacos here are the BEST. Actually, even just the plantains. I've been going..."
Gaby Flores
"Really loved this place! Had to wait 25mins for a table initially but were quite content sitting downstairs in the bar. Plenty of delicious drinks on..."
Emma Battagello
"This is place where I got introduced to margaritas in 2011. An absolute blissful drink we had classic that day. We had quite a lot of food as well..."
Mahesha M
"We ordered a lot of things - chicken wings, tacos, grilled chicken, quisadellas, salad - and everything was great. They have quite an elaborate menu...."
Nitika Tandon
"Very sweet and nice Mexico street food. Crowded, but with with a lot of energy. The food was really tasty and worth it! Want to visit again and..."
João André Coelho
"good taste and vibe. to be sort of chain is one of the best Latin restaurants in london. prices are reasonable and cocktails are just amazing...."
Lustevie Evie
"Great go for a Mexican! Ask for some tacos, quesadillas, nachos and so on . There's a big Menu to discover To go on a group or as..."
Beatriz Gonçalves Pereira
"Been twice and it is very nice for tapas charing with friends. Nice tequila drinks for starters in the downstairs bar. Sometimes the service is not..."
Maria Do Carmo D'Orey
"First of all I have to say i love the interior design of all wahaca Rest. They are so fun, trendy and cool. To start if you what something diferent..."
Joana Borges
"I love coming to Wahaca as I feel you get great value for money and I always feel full after.Here are my favourite street food style..."
Lisa B
"Great vibe excellent service combined with fresh and fantastic Mexican food makes this a definite must try. Had a quick dinner before our west end..."
Rose Marie Pereira
"Lovely place that is always extremely busy. The service was great, so was the food. Even though I am not a fan of Mexican cuisine, I still enjoyed..."
Jane Smiley
"Such fresh food. And those lovely sweet potato tosquitos or whatever they're called. Loved my meal here. Was very fresh and was very yummy. Even the..."
"Very friendly staff, nice atmosphere and good food at a reasonable price. I had two types of tacos (steak and chicken) and probably should have..."
Paula Downes
"I adore Mexican and I absolutely loved this place! It was a busy Friday night and we were given a buzzer to wait for our table so headed to the bar..."
Caitriona Brennan
"Reasonable prices, tasty Mexican and always a good atmosphere. I have never been disappointed when visiting Wahaca. A sure bet for a quick and casual..."
Alexandra Fone
"A friend recommended Wahacca and took us along for an early dinner recently. It was bustling even on a Monday and getting a table meant a ten odd..."
"One of the few places in London that offers decent Mexican food. Thomasina has curated a great menu with a wide variety of dishes. Location is..."
"I'd been recommended Wahaca by lots of people, my friend mentioned that they are also very accommodating of vegans which sealed the deal for us on..."
Iona B-B
"Restaurante mexicano, decoração muito apelativa, cores vivas e espaço amplo.Muita escolha no menu.O que mais gostei, foi a opção de..."
Veggie Foodie
"Just Perfect...We choose the Street food and it was amazing, the portions advised were enough, the flavor and texture marvelous, the drinks..."
Francisco Sousa
"Very good food, exciting good vibe about the place, busy and for 2to eat well with a drink, no deserts..."
Darren Nixon
"Fozzy Bear, proprietor, has done a great job on this place, fantastic mouthwatering food. I'll be..."
"Good food @gr8 price. Great food, pretty good value, always really buzzy. This place is incredibly popular and you can't book - doesn't matter when..."
"What a fantastic place! Chose this as the venue for an informal meal with friends from out of town - we all loved it! The downstairs bar is a..."
Andrew Kilgour
"I found this place using the Urban Spoon app and loved it. The food was varied and tasty, freshly cooked and not microwaved. The menu steers clear of..."
Marcus Nicholls
"The place is bright, buzzing and simply brilliant. The décor was tastefully done with a Mexican hint. I’ve never been to Mexico, but inside it..."
Food I Fancy
"We were all pleasantly surprised when the food turned up, the portions were big! We could have easily ordered just two dishes instead of three for..."
Bacon Onthebeech
"Wahaca which serves Mexican ‘street food’ and authentic tequila to be drank with a bloody mary style mix as pictured with the menu above. It was..."
"Wahaca also falls into the tapas style restaurant where the best option by far is buying several of the smaller dishes, or the sharing meal, and..."
Nom Nom
"Fresh, simple, tasty Mexican food – too hard to go wrong..."
"Overall Wahaca is a great experience; the food is excellent, thoughtfully made with ethically and locally sourced ingredients and they serve an array..."
Keri Butler
"Overall it was a great lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed and Wahaca is very much worth a..."
"Wahaca is definitely a fun place to visit on a Friday night with a vibrant atmosphere. It makes an excellent alternative to the regular Friday night..."
"We didn't realise it was the Wahaca soft opening and just wanted to grab a bite to eat after work, had I have got my way it would have been a Byron..."
Paul Hart
"I think I was one of the few people in London that hadn't been to Wahaca - either the original Covent Garden branch or the snazzy new Wardour St..."
"Wahaca was a really fun and unique restaurant! The street/tapas style of food meant that you didn't just have to choose one dish but could try a bit..."
Nonny Jones
"Decent place for a quick Mexican grab. Service is fast and food is good too. I personally like the ambience of the place. The bar also does fare..."
"Went there with my best friend and had a great time after work and university! The restaurant is Located in the Soho area super close to..."
Georgi MH
"Never have I been so excited over small portions of food. For a veggie, it’s like Christmas to have the ability to pick and choose from a range of..."
Sophie Hall
"If you're like me, and find it difficult to make one order and stick to it, then you'll love Wahaca; they serve lots of little dishes to share, kind..."
Kate Wood
"The main appeal of Wahaca is just how crazily well priced everything is! Their tostadas in particular all sounded fun and flavoursome and for a fiver..."
Frances Moulton
"Good food, good ambience! Don't go without a reservation! Try the cactus dishes,..."
Sam Sn
"My third time at Wahaca, and still totally loving the food there! Tried most of the street foods on the menu and everything has been delish. I love..."
Jasmine Koh
"This place is usually pretty packed but luckily, you can wait in the bar with a margarita, some tortilla chips and guacamole and they give you a..."
Char Siew Matt
"Friendly staff and simple, quick food. The Tequila sampler is definitely worth..."
Mikul Shah
"Decent food and fun place for a group dinner! The staff were a tad rude with regards to the bill and delivering the food! Really great prices and..."
Lauren Hutchison
"Affordable and really delicious. For a chain business, I was really impressed with how quickly the food was turfed out and the quality! Amazing, one..."
Natalie Waddle
"The Tequila Experience - sip away the stress of your day and get it!!Good food and filling portions at reasonable price.Really cool..."
Eat Up
"Really well-priced meals and a tasty selection of margaritas and..."
Fina Charleson
"This chain specializes in Mexican food market, that is to say, simple meals and snacks that can be found for sale on the stands of Mexican markets...."
Edward L Pz
"I went to Wahaca on a Saturday evening without any reservation. The place was bustling and we were told we would have to wait at least 40 minutes to..."
Chanda Gohrani
"Lively, fun and great value - Wahaca is the perfect place to spend an evening with friends without spending too much money. There's a reason that so..."
George Potts
"My favorite mexican restaurant in London! Food is amazing, staff is fast and nice, prices are low, what more can one ask for in London! The place is..."
Nadia S.
The Chiltern Firehouse
99/100 (4093 ratings)
Vegetarian Friendly
Gluten Free Options
Gluten Free Options
Vegetarian Friendly
Steak Tartare
Key lime pie
Eggs Benedict
"A wonderful place where one can have delicious varieties of food items at the best prices, hygienic conditions and with a really friendly and..."
"Me and my husband are new to London pubs and clubs. We didn’t know where to go or who to ask for a good suggestion. The pub crawl took us to a..."
"I went to the Chiltern Firehouse for a dinner after a lot if recommendations.The interiors of this were very attractive. The decor made the..."
Mishty Kaushik
"When i was in London, i tried the chiltern firehouse and it was a very good experience. The food is amazing and so tasty the ambience is good and..."
Stephanie Abou Jaoude
"Food was amazing .I ordered bloody mary here and I found it really fantastic. Ambiance was really good and the interior was very unique and..."
Ankit Malik
"Amazing food & a lovely atmosphere! The food was well balanced and full of flavour - one of the best steak tartare's I have ever eaten! The menu has..."
Sara Gibson
"Great food, I loved the place. I felt the food was full of flavour and well balanced. I found the menu innovative and well thought out. I had a..."
Tanya Vasunia
"Such an amazing restaurant in London. We had breakfast and the food was delicious and high quality. The staff very helpful. The ambiance is great...."
"Nice place for a morning brunch. Reminds me of a bygone era. We didn’t have food here but would have loved to stay longer and do more than our solo..."
Neil Burman
"The restaurant is cosy. We sat outside. The atmosphere is nice, calm and fresh. Staff were helpful. We had many selections. Tartar steak, shrimp..."
"More than just a pretty facade, this posh breakfast spot offers a great start to the day with scrumptious honeycomb & raspberry french toasts. The..."
Tanya Pools
"Top rated ambience however limited food menu nevertheless much courteous service. The Ceaser salad is quite a unusual twist from regular; fries with..."
Viivek S
"This is one of the hottest venues in town. My friend, upon recommending this restaurant, said it is frequented by celebrities. It seemed to be highly..."
Red Plate
"Lovely cocktails lovely ambiance and excellent service overall. The food is divine. The outside Dardanelles space is so cosy and beautiful..."
Parisa Kelly
"One of the top rated restaurants in London. We tried this place with some friends when we visited. I have to admit the food is very delicious and..."
"My first london dinner was At Chiltern firehouse , apparently this place is a very happening place where the beckhams are usuals.I have to say..."
"My favourite place to go for breakfast. The staff are lovely. The service is fast and you get seated very fast even without booking. The setting is..."
Emma Siobhan Gallagher
"One of the most beautiful places to have a glamorous night of great drinks and impeccable food. You can tell Chiltern takes great pride in..."
Divya K B
"I had breakfast there and i Love the atmosphere love the food it was enjoyable. The service was very slow but i guess because of the atmosphere we..."
Aisha Al-Naemi
"The famed Chiltern Firehouse, as the name suggests, is a firehouse turned hotel and restaurant which has become one of London's most frequented..."
Kojo London
"After finding the slightly hidden entrance we were greeted by many friendly hosts who showed us to the restaurant. Unfortunately there had been a..."
Eppie Shepherd
"Chiltern Firehouse is a fine dining restaurant named after the street it's located in. Chiltern Firehouse is renowned for its great and scrumptious..."
Mohammad Al Shamsi
"When it comes to picking restaurants my criteria is simple: good food, and good food. While it helps to have a pleasant ambience, but that doesn’t..."
Saanya Gulati
"Honestly one of the best meals I've had ever! Each dish was completely on point. We had the steak tartare, grilled octopus, venison and short ribs...."
"Chiltern Firehouse is one of the places you need to book in advance to have a weekend meal. With 4 months in advance we booked a table for 6 at..."
Flip Teix
"Been there a couple of times for dinner. Lovely and cozy place, very good seasonal and inventive menu, well trained staff. Nice restaurant all around..."
"I like to take my time with food and enjoy every moment. I don't like to take too long to visit a new restaurant but unfortunately I had to with..."
Shayan Sacki
"We went for my boyfriend's birthday last week and I can honestly say it was worth the wait. I thought with all the hype in 2014/5 the moment might..."
"Done with the design and style review of the Chiltern Firehouse in my previous article, now let’s look at the. Dining Out, Food. Done with the..."
Happiness In May
"I live by a simple mantra on Sundays. Brunch.Seeing as last Sunday was actually my last in London for the year as I’m off to India this..."
The Foodie Diaries
"We arrived at Chiltern and we were greeted straight away as we got out of the car. The walk in through the courtyard is gorgeous with..."
Lisa B
"Outstanding meal. I must admit I was a bit skeptical as I read the menu and nothing felt amazing. I was completely wrong. The starters were very..."
Vanessa Osório
"Really enjoyed it. Expensive but you know that going in. Mostly because of the wine rather than the food. Plenty of staff so you're well..."
"It was only a few days ago that I was telling my friend how I’m just not excited by restaurants here in London anymore. Maybe my expectations are..."
"Excellent, went for a work meeting over breakfast, rich ambience with good food. Got easy availability, reached early and the staff was kind to..."
Rockey Agarwal
"Rated in the top 10 must eat at places in London; booking a table is not that easy - and getting one makes a person feel like having won a lottery of..."
"I went to this place to meet one of my friends. In my opinion it is a great place with fireplace and wood burning. The waitresses are dressed in..."
Anam Amir
"I was with my  colleagues lost in London; we went unexpectedly in this restaurant located in a beautiful area of central London. We had not booked..."
Ali Akbar
"I was with my family at this place. It has a perfect cozy setting which is very pleasant and they have good food, we spent 2 hours out of time in the..."
Tahira Malik
"We went for brunch during the summer of last year, when the clamour surrounding Chiltern Firehouse was at its peak. The building itself is super..."
Tamsin @ A Certain Adventure
"I Booked table for my wife on her birthday before going to London, the truth is that I was interested in going for it is a place that appears in..."
Anderson John
"Voted number one restaurant in London after just one month of opening and frequented by celebrities, so it’s a bit of a mission to get a table..."
Captain Coriander
"Everything was perfect - beautifully designed, best steak tartar in London, and the beautiful iberico pork dish from Nuno's Corner Room growing up..."
Lizzie Lozza
"High expectations??? Would be a big understatement when it comes to Chiltern Firehouse! Reasons: Hardest reservations in town, reviews are mostly..."
"the appropriately named, hottest place in town and its virtually impossible to get a..."
SilverSpoon London
"Chiltern Firehouse is having a moment of glory, you can’t open any kind of salacious rag these days without encountering a celebrity falling out..."
"Recently refurnished hotels in New York are a commonality by André Balazs, but for his first foray into the London market, he has certainly outshone..."
"Influences from South America showed in a raw red prawns and vaguely ceviche-y almond milk sauce. Another summery arrangement of veg and flowers, and..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"I was slightly worried that the Chiltern Firehouse wouldn't live up to the hype, but I was completely blown away by it.The food was..."
Lucy Hitchcock
"My first impressions were how wonderfully friendly and almost over polite the staff were. The security guard greeted me out the front and was up for..."
Steph Harmon
"Their menu changes on a daily basis and hence, I was not too sure of what kind of experience I would have at this place. We arrived here one evening..."
Kian Fowler
"My visit to this restaurant was planned a month in advance. On one of my previous visits I was seated at a table at the bar from where the bar was..."
William Griffin
"This is one of my favourite places in the city. You can easily spot some very famous faces enjoying their food quite a few times. The decor here is..."
 Alice  Kirby
"I had arrived at the restaurant to celeb rate my birthday. We were offered a poor table in the corner and we denied it. Then we had to wait a good..."
Freddie Grant
"Visited this place for brunch and were welcomed by surprised staff on not having any reservation even though the restaurant was empty. When the food..."
Ibrahim Ejaz
"I have heard so much about this place and we could not wait to try it out. We finally booked this place for brunch. The menu had a wide variety of..."
Nitin Dass
"I was waiting to visit this place since ages and I must admit that it wasn't worth the wait. I mean the food was good but I have better food at other..."
Zoe Jenkins
"There seem to be quite a lot of mixed reviews about this place which is not a surprise given that there has been a lot of hype surrounding this place..."
Gracie Cox
"I recently visited this place and had a great time here. The food was excellent, especially the steak tartar which was cooked to perfection. These..."
Midhun Dubey
"The place offers a great environment for almost every occasion. The ambiance is lovely along with being very pleasant. I had one of the best steak's..."
 Sophia  Briggs
"I had Chargrilled iberico potato here which was very good . It was full of flavors and the taste was amazing. The exterior of it was very..."
Bradley Barton
"I tried something new here because I am a kind of person who really loves trying new every time. I ate The Chiltern Firehouse here it was something..."
Jake Doyle
"This restaurant truly has some very lovely decor and setting. It has amazing lightning and the setting is so beautiful, it seems to cover everybody..."
Frankie Porter
"This place has recently been enjoying the glory and much high popularity of being a restaurant serving celebrities. Some A listed, some Z listed, the..."
Alexander Gilbert
"I have to say that the dinner was delicious and location was also very beautiful. It was also very inventive on the restaurant's part and I got to..."
Tushar Dey
"I was here last night with my partner and had an amazing dinner with some really amazing cocktails as well. The ambiance is stunning and the bar..."
Reuben Morrison
"Having eaten here a grand total of three times now, the first being a little too tiddly due to excitement and the second just for brunch, I thought..."
Secret Scoffer
"New openings are always exciting and are generally some of the busiest times in any restaurant's existence as interest is at or near its peak and..."
"Everything in Chiltern Firehouse is amazing from the food to the audience that visits this venue! Located in a quiet street in Marylebone..."
Georgi MH
"If you feel like going for a fashionable place, the Chiltern Firehouse is perfect.The food is great. The ambience is fantastic. The people often..."
Corinna Rombi
"What: Modern American Where: Marylebone, LondonValue: £50ppFood Review: A starter of melt in the middle, crab..."
Sober N Starving
"Excellent Excellent Excellent...  and old fire station that has been converted in to one of Marylebone worst kept secrets... besides that fact it is..."
The Food Hulk
"Chiltern Firehouse is having a moment of glory, you can't open any kind of salacious rag these days without encountering a celebrity falling out of..."
"You'd think after all the years I've been blogging about restaurants in London I'd be numb to the glamour and pizzazz that surrounds hot new openings..."
Cheese And Biscuits
"Uniforms are a good mark of a bar/hotel/restaurant with rather impeccable taste. Take the dapper tweed of the doormen at the Ace Hotel on Shoreditch..."
What Joanna Ate
"When Viajante closed at the end of February, I was disappointed that I had never got to try one of the world's best restaurants featuring the..."
SilverSpoon London
"An excellent experience - we went for Sunday brunch. The restaurant is airy, and so comfortable, lovely ambience, lovely, friendly service...."
Anuradha Bhatnagar
"Nuno Mendes... Yes Chef, loved it, a bit more relaxed than viajante but not as simple as corner rooms, but very clever inspiring food as..."
Wes Van Voorhis