Lees Fish And Chips, Welwyn Garden City

Lees Fish And Chips

Lees Fish And Chips, Welwyn Garden City 117 Moors Walk - Welwyn Garden City

• Fast food
• British

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Menu Lees Fish And Chips

  • Menu
    • The Chicken Box
    • The Halloumi Box
    • The Chop Box
    • The Burr-Grill
    • The Sharing Box
  • Fish
    • Cod - Small
    • Cod - Large
    • Haddock
    • Plaice (Large)
    • Scampi
  • Pies
    • Chicken and Mushroom
    • Steak and Kidney
    • Beef and Onion
  • . . .
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  • Monday: 4–9PM
  • Tuesday: 12–2PM, 4–9PM
  • Wednesday: 12–2PM, 4–9PM
  • Thursday: 12–2PM, 4–9PM
  • Friday: 12–2PM, 4–9PM
  • Saturday: 12–2PM, 4–9PM
  • Sunday: Closed

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Eugene A
I don't know how they do it but the fish and chips here are incredible. You don't get the usual 'burnt greasy' taste typical of other fish and chips. Prices are also reasonable. Recommended.
Mei Ling Shen
The best fish and chips. Simply put. I literally will dream about how good these are. Not oily at all, light and freshly fried, on top of juicy cod.

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Lees Fish And Chips

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Welcome to Lees Fish And Chips.
Drop by and make the most of your time in here as it serves lunch
Visit this eatery to attempt totally cooked fish.
this place is notable for its incredible assistance and cordial staff, that is consistently prepared to help you. Costs at this spot are worth consideration as they're reasonable. The lovely stylistic layout and charming air let visitors feel loose here.
As a result, Sluurpy’s users have agreed on raging this activity with a 84 out of 100.
If you are in Welwyn Garden City better to try once in life. After you tried do not forget to tell yours friends as well to come here and enjoy the same experience you will be having. Food is totally delicious!
Sitting outside, you will see the value in a superb view. The high assessments of this restaurant wouldn't be possible without the master waitstaff. Fair help is something that guests include in their comments. Flavorful meals at palatable expenses are offered here. You will see the worth in the glorious style and agreeable energy. Kick back and see the menu online for this spot.
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