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Updated 2019-11-22
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    PopeDaveThe1st 2017-07-13

    Was worst chippy in the history of Bridlington like many claimed to have many awards has being the best famous for weird batter it's no longer with us

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    PopeDaveThe1st 2016-09-19

    This place is quite simply the worst chippy in Bridlington as voted for on this site outside as previously pointed out it says it was voted the best it's changed hands serveral times and once again now it's closed yet again. The place is dear the quality was rubbish and by far the worst batter in Bridlington these are my views but sadly you won't be able to see for yourself till it reopens under new ownership which I sincerely hope is a good fryer and does a good job in opening a good business as apparently one day many years ago it was

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    Kev012 2014-09-27

    This chip shop has changed hands yet again and I have to say it is no better. Instead of the batter being undercooked it is now overcooked. We had XL haddock, if what we got was XL I would hate to see the size of a regular haddock, this XL was smaller than regular ones that you get from the better fish & chip shops in Bridlington. They have had their chance, we won't be back.

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    Kev012 2013-11-15

    On the outside of this establishment is a poster declaring voted best in Bridlington, this vote must have been won when Mark owned it, these people have not been in business long enough to have won such an award. With all the great fish and chip shops there are in Brid, My Chippy would be very low in the marks order, our recent experince = the fish was of reasonale quality, but the batter, it was yellow and not crispy at all, it might even have been not properly cooked, the peas were a bucket of green slop, the only reason it does not get my terrible vote is that the chips were of a reasonable standard.

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    bizzler34 2013-10-13

    Found this little fish & chip shop whilst strolling around the back streets of Bridlington. We were trying to get back down to the ocean area to get some food and stumbled across this shop in a residential area nearby. There were a couple of tables outside and some nice flowers outside, so we decided to just sit there to eat and take a walk to the front after. I wouldn't usually post about fish & chips for a review. However, this place was fantastic. No idea what they do different to other places, but it was easily the best fish & chips my wife and I have eaten. The woman working was also very pleasant and came out to talk to us after and make sure everything was fine with our food. I would highly recommend stopping by this little shop before heading down to the ocean area, not only is it delicious, but it is seemed a LOT cheaper than the places a few minutes away at the sea front.

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